I Want to Play Shadowrun Now

Wow, this video for Shadowrun really makes me want to play it. I’ve never seen people walking down an alley look so exciting before! Shadowrun is a roleplaying game set in a post apocolyptic future that features high technology and magic. You can tell that the technology in Shadowrun is far beyond are own, by the fact that the female hacker in the video is carrying a full sized keyboard around. That’s some advanced shit.

This video also features an impressive amount of almost no special effects for the live action scenes. Even in the world of Shadowrun, you must use your power of imagination for magic spells. The rest of the special effects went into the incredible computer world of floating cubes. Ahh, the late 80s/early 90s, where we thought we’d all be living in a computer world full of floating geometric shapes.

  • I am amazed that anyone can fit that much worthlessness into one video, it’s a truly spectacular feat.