I Wanna be in Transformers 3

Transformers 3 on set

I recently found out that the next Transformers film will be filming a pivotal scene in Milwaukee. Coincidentally, that’s where the current home base of The Robot’s Pajamas is located. I decided that I would like to be an extra, so I came up with some lines to rehearse in order to get me ready to be the next big Hollywood star.

1. “That Transformer made me spill my delicious Mountain Dew Live Wire!”

2. “Stop Transforming in my city, you evil transforming robots!”

3. “Optimus Prime is dead again! I hope there is some convoluted way of bringing him back or the good guys are toast!”

4. “Oh nooos! That robot is peeing on that otherwise well respected actor who is only wearing a jock strap!”

5. “Hahaha, that robot is raping that woman and those two black robots are rapping.”

6. “Yeah, army guys, bust them evil robots up! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!”

7. “Go back to the scrap heap, you Decepti-fucks.”

  • Chris

    I liked the first one, hated the 2nd. My pal Ken is in this one so I hope it’s good.

  • They’d never let you use any of those lines. They wouldn’t want you showing up the writers.