I Need This Batmobile


There’s a perfect replica of the ’89 Batman film Batmobile and I need it. I need it more than anything else I’ve ever needed that I said I needed really badly. The ’89 Batman flick absorbed my entire life when I was a kid. I quite frankly, was batty for Batman. I still love the Batmobile from that film and I must have this car. That’s why I’m pleased to announce the “Donate to Allow Me to Buy a Batmobile so I Can be Fulfilled Spiritually” fund. It’s a very worthy charity, in my humble opinion.

Thanks to: Slashfilm

  • the tumbler is cool, but this by far is the best batmobile ever. i would poop my pants if it would go thru the auction here.

  • i pooped my pants after i missed it. the tv show batmobile went thru the auction on thursday but didn’t sell. i’ll post it as soon as i get the pictures.

  • kurt tilford

    have the slot car versiion

  • Can I have it?