I Fear the Dancing of the Future

There’s much to fear in the future and one thing I didn’t count on was the awful dancing.

Apparently once Germany finally takes over the world in the far flung future (geez what took you guys so long?), a communical dance crazy will sweep the galaxy. It’s kind of like line dancing, yet somehow more hideous and embarrassing. My guess that a scientist invented this dance to keep the general populace so demoralized it could never rise up against the ruling class.

Hopefully, the underground break dancing circuit will rise up and defeat the oppressive fascist government and their dancing soldiers.

Thanks to: Boing Boing

  • Oh, this will be hitting the clubs soon. Just you wait. It may be just like in “Can’t Buy Me Love”, when an unwitting Patrick Dempsey mistakes the African Anteater Ritual for a hip new dance… but it’ll make it.