I am Fully a Nerd: I’ve Played the Star Wars RPG


I’ve finally managed to fully embrace my geek/nerd-hood by playing a couple of instances of a pen and paper roleplaying game. By that I mean, I played the Star Wars RPG without the assistance of a video game controller. I realize that you might be surprised by this revelation. My legions of fans know my uber nerdy habits what with my toy collecting and all, how could I possibly have never played a real RPG?! Well, I did attempt to when I was a kid, but that never really worked because I didn’t really know how to run a game nor did I have enough friends to play or were interested in running one. I came from a small town so my options for playing D&D were pretty much limited to the druggie kids and I didn’t really fit in with that crowd. I wasn’t cool enough or drugs.

Anyway, we’ve played two sessions so far and it’s been great. What I find interesting is that the fun I’ve had isn’t so much in the game, but in the way we play. There’s a lot of joking around with this group. It really is a social thing, much more than I thought it would be. Part of this is due to the fact that we try to take it seriously, but we are also very conscious of how completely silly it is. I think it’s a shame to think that the old school RPG is dying out, it was much more fun than I thought it would be. It’s a much different kind of fun that you get from playing a video game online.

In case you’re wondering, we are playing the 2nd Edition rules. I have little to no knowledge of what that actually means, but I’m sure the uber nerds out there will be interested.

Now my only goal I left as a nerd is to play D&D. Only then can I claim the rightful title of Ultra Nerd.

I want to hear what your experience with old school RPGs are. Any of you kids play them?

  • Tis a great time indeed.
    I didn’t know that D&D was holding you back from elite status. Now I feel extra pressure to make this work for you…

  • Shaggy Doo

    I remember those source books. Think I still have the miniatures I got around 20 years ago. They could’ve made some great stories for a live action TV series. Speaking of live action TV shows…