Hot Toys Stormtrooper Unboxing and Review

Vincent   March 13, 2017   Comments Off on Hot Toys Stormtrooper Unboxing and Review

It’s not often that I get a Hot Toys figure (or Sideshow) so I thought I’d celebrate the occasion with a special post featuring The Robot’s Pajamas first official unboxing video! Yep, that’s right, you’ll get to see your pal Vincent unbox a brand new Hot Toys figure.

All right, well now that’s over let’s get to the real stuff.


I’ve wanted a sixth scale, plain old regular Stormtrooper for some time and my options were pretty limited. Even the old Sideshow Stormtrooper was fairly pricey for a not so great (in this day in age) figure. Hot Toys recently came out with one that ties into the Rogue One release, so this was the perfect time to strike. At 189 bucks this figure wasn’t cheap, but it also was a bit below what a normal Hot Toys figure costs (see my Hot Toys Batman 89 review).


This Stormtrooper comes with almost zero accessories. You get 3 sets of hands, a display, and a blaster. That’s it. No alternative heads/helmets, the hand options are limited, and just one gun. This keeps the cost down in a way, but I suspect the real reason is that Hot Toys knows it can make a ton of money selling all kinds of Stormtrooper variants rather than one trooper with extra stuff.


This sixth scale Hot Toys version of the iconic Stormtrooper fits my needs in a Stormtrooper figure: He looks like a person in a Stormtrooper costume, but smaller. It is a bit difficult to get him into some natural looking poses, but I’ll probably stick him in a more neutral standing pose like I’ve done with my other Star Wars sixth scale figures.


When you stand him next to a Sideshow figure he fits in really well. If I could have gotten a cheaper Sideshow version I’d have gone that route, but overall I’m pretty happy with it and I’m glad they look good together.


It’s too bad he didn’t come with more accessories. Was it worth 189 bucks of my hard earned money? I’d say so, especially since it is now sold out and they’re going for more than 200 on eBay.