Hot Toys Iron Man: Guest Review by Chris Piers

A Note From Vincent: Today we’re going to have a guest post by our friend Chris Piers. He’s a talented artist and podcaster. You can find his podcasts at Television Zombies (for TV stuff) and Joint Ops (for the Call of Duty games).

Hot Toys Iron Man: A Review

Hi Robot’s Pajamas Readers. This is your guest reviewer, Chris. Why am I writing? Because I am a proud owner of a very expensive toy and Vincent asked me to review it. The toy in question? Hot Toys’ Iron Man Mark IV, a 1/6th scale limited edition “collectible figurine.” But when a toy costs $180 is it still a toy?

Even the box is shiny and expensive looking!

Even the box is shiny and expensive looking!

While you wrack your brainmeats on that puzzler for the ages, take a gander at this gorgeous representation of the Golden Avenger, ‘ol Shellhead himself, Iron Man:


As you can see, he’s quite shiny. Look at those sleek curves! This version of Iron Man is based off of the Mark IV armor from the Iron Man 2 movie, and comics fans should recognize it as a very loyal depiction of artist Adi Granov’s version of Tony Stark’s armor.

The figure appears to be made out of some heavy plastic with metallic painting. The detail is outstanding in places, such as the neck, elbow, and wrist joints. Iron Man has multiple points of articulation, including his head (removable – I’ll blow your minds with that later), shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees, and ankles. You can’t make this guy balance on one leg or crunch up like Spider-Man, but he is incredibly posable and you can come up with the action stance of your choosing. It’s well-balanced and the ankles and toes are flexible enough to support most poses you can invent. The shoulders are especially good, built on a ball-hinge. For whatever it’s worth, there’s a manual in the box that claims over 36 points of articulation.

Beyond the posability, the figure comes with multiple suit capabilities. He has circular packs on his hips that can pop out to reveal mini-missiles. His back features four air flaps and the two largest ones have an additional mesh flap beneath that can also be moved and posed. The figure comes with additional snap-on features that I will detail later. But most impressive is his light-up functionality:


Iron Man has four separate LED lights, each controlled by a hidden switch. His arms each house one that light up the repulsor rays on his hands. There’s one on the back of the neck that lights up his eyes. Finally, one is hidden beneath one of his back air flaps that turns on his chest’s ARC reactor light. The light is a vaguely bluish white light that is very powerful. If you lose power during a blizzard, Iron Man would easily light your way. There are screws on the back and the manual explains how to replace batteries if necessary.

When you open the box, the figure is nestled in molded layers of plastic. At the bottom, there is a stand with a clear pole to assist in any pose that might set him off balance. I haven’t used mine. He also has snap-on accessories. These include detachable forearm rockets, FOUR pairs of interchangeable hands, and additional flaps for his legs. Not only do the hands pop off, so does his chest plate around the ARC reactor and the head itself.


Iron Man also comes with a donut and donut box (what scene from Iron Man 2 could be MORE fun to recreate?) sunglasses and a Tony Stark head.


Wait. Let’s take a closer look at that head:


Wow. That is an uncanny likeness of Robert Downey, Jr. in my opinion. It almost creeps me out seeing it unattached!

This guy is expensive, no question. Is he worth it? Hmmm, I guess it depends on how big an Iron Man fan you are. I can’t imagine a more detailed, posable interpretation, really. It’s durable and has gorgeous features. He proudly protects my work area and has impressed many a co-worker because it looks like a statue, not a kid’s toy. But the price is only going to go up for collectors. I love mine.

  • Would love to own some more Hot Toys figures, but they are just so expensive. Of the ones, I own, I won Alien Kane and got the Joker for under a $100.

  • They really are impressive. I may have been bitten by the Hot Toys bug.

  • Chris, you need to buy their scale Batmobile.

  • I have yet to bite the bullet with Hot Toys, but every time I see their work its just gorgeous. If they get to do the ’89 Keaton Batman, that will be a must-buy for me.

  • I might be convinced to steal for an 89 batman. Man, I wand a DCUC 89 batman so bad.

  • It would be pretty awesome to get a proper version, I’m hoping for either that or a Movie Masters. Unfortunately I have a feeling that the Wave 10 version is the closest we’ll get.

  • Hot Toys has an 89 Batman and Joker in the works, though no pics or anything yet.

  • I preordered their Thor today. I love the idea of having Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America together. I hope they make Cap.