Hot Toys Finally Has Me in Their Bat-Grip


I’ve admired Hot Toys action figures (that kind of boarder on dolls) for a long time, but I haven’t seen a figure that really said, “Buy me!” Well that figure is finally arrived with the 1989 Michael Keaton Batman. It’s so sweet that I nearly wept when I first saw it. Okay, I did weep openly and when a coworker asked what was wrong I pretended I was crying over something manly like a sports victory.


Holy shit, this figure looks so insanely close to real life and he comes with a ton of accessories. Also according to the product description it has rolling eyes. WTF?! The interchangeable heads are a tad creepy, because they’re just the part of the face that’s visible. I guess that saves some money, but damn does that look bizarre in the picture.

I have such a strong attachment to 1989 Batman that I need to get this. At more than 200 bucks at stores like Big Bad Toy Store it’s way more than I should be spending on a toy. In fact, I’ve scaled way back on collecting in general, but this is a rare exception. It’s just too awesome to pass up. I needs me my ’89 Batman!

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  • I agree that it’s well-made but why is this the figure by Hot Toys you want? I don’t think it’s that great of a Batman design to begin with, basically. I far prefer the Batman Begins/Dark Knight one that can move at the joints and neck.

  • What part of “Batman 1989 was my life” doesn’t equate to this is the one I need? Heh I have such STRONG nostalgic attachment to the ’89 look that that’s what compels me.

    I’ve always been a nostalgia based collector regardless if a head moves a certain way. If it reminds me of my childhood or an important part of my life, I’ll want it. I don’t have that attachment to most newer things.

    Some people collect stuff they think looks cool. For me, it pretty much has to remind me of stuff I liked when I was a kid. That’s just how I’m wired.

  • PresidentJuggernaut

    I’m right there with you man. It’s a thing of beauty. Don’t think I can pull the trigger though.

  • I have a couple Hot Toys figures and they are great looking. Not getting this Batman, but I am getting the Hot Toys Christopher Reeve Superman. The first Superman still holds up as one of the best comic book movies. Plus I like the suit better than the new one.

    I can definitely understand the nostalgia draw of Batman. If I had the money I would get this, but I already signed up for the Voltron Sub and can’t miss out on Sideshow’s General Grevious next year.

    Also I’ve ordered a few Hot Toys things from Alter Ego Comics if you are looking for a place to order from. I think they may be a few dollars more than Big Bad Toy Store, but I’ve had good luck with them.