Friday Round Up: Horror, S.H.I.E.L.D., Predator Time


Horror Stuff

Thrift Stores: The above image comes from a couple of artists that buy paintings at thrift stores like Goodwill and then paint monsters onto the often mediocre works of art. Ingenious! Check out more here!

Horror for Kids: An internet friend of mine, Jason “Fozzie” Nelson, co-wrote a book for horror fans who have kids. The book is called “Big Scary Make Believe Land” and it works to help teach kids about horror movies and how they are make believe. Pretty cool stuff.


TV Stuff

Agents of SHIELD: Well the full trailer for Joss Whedon’s Agents of SHIELD TV show is out and I’m a bit split. I think this show will be really good or suck. And by suck, I mean I’ll hate it and everyone else will love it, because that’s how Whedon is for me. Out of all of his work, I think I’ve only really liked Buffy. For me his characters have a really bad tendency to all talk the same, spouting these witty jokes that annoy me more than make me laugh. For instance, that Lola line has me cringing because it just sounds so… Whedony.

Anyway the other problem that I might have with this series is I don’t really care that much about SHIELD. Sure it’s kind of cool when they show up, but they’re mostly just there to get their asses kicked. Seriously, every single time the Helicarrier shows up, it gets fucked up majorly and crashes most of the time.

I also feel like this might just be a big cocktease for super heroes. I imagine the whole time while watching this show thinking, “Okay enough with the investigation stuff, show me a Marvel superhero!” Will they be able to show actual superheroes from the comics? Or will they be too afraid to use them because they want to reserve them for the movies? If the show can regularly incorporate at least B level heroes (like Moon Knight or Cloak and Dagger) then I might give a crap.

Movie Stuff

Back to the Future: Blogging juggernaut Wolf Nards wrote about the problem of two time traveling DeLoreans in Back to the Future III. I developed this theory a long time ago and great minds think a alike. Check out his post to see one of the biggest flaws of logic in the Back to the Future trilogy. Or remain in ignorant bliss. The post goes into more detail about a theory about Doc that just might blow your mind or end the current time stream.

Riddick: There’s a trailer for the next Riddick movie. So he’s not Space King of the Goth Army any more? Let me guess why: They had no budget to do another large scale movie like that, so they completely changed the premise they had going and went with a smaller movie that looks completely derivative of hundreds of other movies… including Pitch Black.

Toy Stuff

Transformers: Hasbro is at it again with their Transformers fan choice figure. This time you get to pick name, gender, origin, and specialty! Vote now or wish you did!

Thrift Justice: I’ll never get tired reading about William West’s Thrift Justice adventures while hunting for toys and such. Unlike some people I know, he doesn’t have finds that make me ultra jealous… just a little jealous. Basically it’s the kind of stuff you normally find randomly, not some crazy loot like you’d see on some TV show. Still, he writes about his outings in such a way that I like going on his adventures with him.

Predator Stuff: After my NECA Predator review I ended up having to get a refund on the thing because Toys R Us did not have a replacement. Big, gigantic sigh. Plus the girl that did the return was really hot, so there was a bit of humiliating feeling of a grown man returning his toy because he broke it. I might as well have been wearing a diaper.

But then Poe Ghostal posted this and it made me feel slightly better. A dude made a bunch of custom figures of NECA toys to fill out the ranks of the first Predator movie. I really hope NECA plans to expand the line, because I want all of the dudes from Predator. All of them.

Star Trek Stuff

Star Trek Week: My pal over at Double Dumbass did a Star Trek theme week. It’s something we should have done over here, but I went through finals week. Go over to his site and catch up on all the great Star Trek related posts!

  • Jon

    BTTF is the franchise that keeps on giving when it comes to wrinkles in the space time continuum. I never even noticed the Two DeLoreans in BTTF:III until my wife (upon her first trilogy viewing) pointed it out. I felt like such an imp.

    Oh and thanks for the links and getting the word out for Star Trek Week.