Horror Month Day 9: You’re Next

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Today’s review is by Robot’s Pajamas regular Matty. He has elected to write about the relatively recent horror film “You’re Next.”


I’ve gotta say, I was honestly pleasantly surprised by this one. I didn’t know anything about it, had zero expectations, and just grabbed it off of Netflix. In my opinion, it was time well spent and I’d totally recommend it to anyone who enjoys a fringe horror classification (cited some places as this falling under “Mumblegore” genre). It’s not traditional horror, per se, but it’s the horrific tale of a home invasion gone wrong. Specifically, it goes wrong for the invaders, because they had no idea one of the people in that home was quite capable of defending herself.

Top marks for having a plot that wasn’t overly complicated (not usual for horror, but a lot of the non-horror films I’ve been watching lately have been) and that actually had a few surprising moments. It’s not that it was entirely original by any stretch, but it was just sort of a refreshing take on the material and it was enjoyable to watch it play out. I also loved the score in this one. Some synth stuff in the last third of the film that brought some nostalgia for films out of the late 80’s and early 90’s with it. The gore effects were fantastic. This film has got gallons of blood, and everyone that dies meets their end in a fantastically brutal way. There is one death in particular that stands out and I actually sort of cheered when it happened, because it was unexpected, over the top, and incredibly brutal. There is also a set up toward the end that has a very late payoff, but all of the time between creates a fun anticipatory energy.

Family dinner in You're Next

The beginning third of the film was a sort of boring but necessary set up of the family dynamic, the bickering between siblings, and the setting. We had to know that the family is rich, they’re all coming together for who cares why, they’re out in the country, and then release the hounds of invasion. I was honestly sorta half paying attention to the beginning of the film, but once the invasion started in, I was all eyes forward. All two of them. Both of my eyes were forward. What I’m saying is that I was then drawn into the film and was no longer futzing with my phone, trying to earn gold in my shark eating fish and people game I’m sort of addicted to.

The opening title scene does a good job of establishing what you’re in for later in the film by giving you some humps, some nudity, and a quick taste of some invasion-y horror. I’ll definitely say that the film has a slow patch following that opening scene, but it all ramps back up for the last third of the movie ending in a very high note, in my opinion.

Home invaders of You're Next

Great direction, cinematography, and editing. The score worked so effectively. Awesome practical effects. The invaders had a very creepy vibe with the animal masks. Really, very few critiques for this one.

I think I’d give this one a solid 8/10 and would definitely recommend it to people who can stomach some gore and brutality.