Horror Month Day 1: Halloween

Guest Poster   October 1, 2014   Comments Off on Horror Month Day 1: Halloween

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Guest writer Peter Kuebeck’s favorite horror movie is Halloween:

John Carpenter's Halloween

I love Halloween – it ranks just below Christmas as a favorite holiday. I love how it takes place as the days are really starting to shorten. Halloween, you might say, prepares us for the darkness still to come.

And it’s with that in mind that I have to pick the original John Carpenter ‘Halloween’ as my favorite horror flick. I love Carpenter films – ‘The Fog’ and ‘Prince of Darkness’ are also big favorites – and while ‘Halloween’ might seem a vanilla choice, it’s a movie I routinely watch multiple times during October. It never ceases to give my a chill.

Why? Because unlike tales of the supernatural, which tend to be fairly straightforward, Michael Myers represents something different. He is the Grim Reaper himself. Unstoppable. Slow-moving but always growing inexorably closer. The scene in the film where Laurie – in broad daylight – glimpses him staring up at her from her yard, surrounded by laundry blowing on a clothesline, is absolutely chilling. Though Freddy Krueger may be a dream-invading ghost, and Jason a cleaver-wielding zombie, Michael Myers represents real fear. The ‘Boogeyman’ out in the darkness.

Halloween's Michael Myers

And that’s what Halloween – the holiday – is really about, isn’t it?