Homemade Star Wars Stuff (Sorta Sponsored Post)

Coolest pillowcase ever.

Coolest pillowcase ever.

My girlfriend is a professional costume designer, so occasionally she surprises me with some cool homemade item that’s geek related. I’ve got three to show off today. The above image is of a pillowcase she made for me out of some fabric you can currently find at your favorite big box fabric store. I love this fabric because it features classic Star Wars vehicles in blueprint style. The color scheme really works for it too. And no prequel ships to ruin it!

Star Wars Bag

Star Wars sack.

This Star Wars bag, or satchel if you will, made out of the same cool Star Wars blueprint material. It’s a bit large for your average dice bag, so I store various rpg items in the bag. That’s right, it’s my dice bag bag.

Wicket shirt!

Wicket shirt!

She also made me this pimp ass Wicket shirt featuring everyone’s favorite Ewok looking up at me from the pocket. I love that he’s the animated version of Wicket. I’m the coolest dude in town, thanks to my girlfriend!

Nerd Born Banner

If you like the stuff you see here and you’d like her to make you something, she is pretty swamped with plays, but she does have her own Etsy store called, “Nerdborn“. She makes these onesies for babies that have geek related things on it, like these:






She’s got a ton of them to add so many more will be available soon. So if you have a baby in your life in some capacity or maybe plan on making one, do yourself a favor and order from her store! You can even Like her store on Facebook!

  • Lamar The Revenger

    That blueprint sack & pillowcase are perfect.. I got to save up to get one.

  • I’m not sure if she’d make more. It might be a one shot deal.

  • Lamar The Revenger


  • I can see if she’d be willing to make another sack, but she’s a busy lady.