Hiss Tank vs. Geeks for Tots

Please Note: Both Destro and C.I.A.D. from Hiss Tank have responded very graciously to this posting. The original thread is now restored and C.I.A.D. has apologized for any ill will caused.

I’d like to thank them for doing so and in responding in such a manner.

Also closing comments due to the original issue being resolved. Anything outside of that issue, I can’t do anything about. Man it got nasty fast. Hope you folks enjoyed the site! AND GIVE TO TOYS FOR TOTS!

One of the hardest things to do when running the contest Geeks for Tots is getting people to actually enter. One thing that is usually not so hard to do is to at least share information about it, since it is a contest that supports a charity.

There are a lot of sites that don’t run it as news for whatever reason, but I can post about it in their forums without a problem. I’ve been posting it on the site Hiss Tank every year. In fact, I’d generate a lot of interest there. There are actually a lot of people that bash Hiss Tank for whatever reason and due to my positive experiences of selling and buying there combined with the good will I got from the members for Geeks for Tots, I really didn’t get where they were coming from. Until now.

Last week I posted a thread about Geeks for Tots encouraging people to donate to Toys for Tots and to enter the contest. An administrator deleted the thread and send me a PM. The following messages are the ones that went back and forth unedited and presented without comment. I’d like to know, was I in the wrong here? Or was the admin being needlessly rude?


Did you talk with an Admin or Site Owner regarding posting the TFT thread?

If not, then you’ll definitely need to do that.

LMK either way…

Thank you,

HissTank Staff


No I did not. I’ve posted it every year that I’ve done it and nobody has ever mentioned it being a problem before.

It’s not anything done for profit it’s just an encouragement to donate to Toys for Tots. I gain nothing from it other than possibly encouraging others to give to a charity, so I’m not sure why it would be a problem.


I understand what it’s for.

Yeah, definitely run it by an Owner for sure. Everything of that nature should be run by them first.

Touch base with DESTRO or Super_Megatron, and as long as they green light it then you can re-post it.


HissTank Staff


I’m not getting a response from either one of them. Is there someone else I can ask?


Those two are the ones to ask about it.

Since you contacted them, I would just wait to hear back from them, as I’m sure they are busy like the rest of us.

Thank you,

HissTank Staff


I realize that people are busy, but time is of the essence here. Toys for Tots bins collect early. In fact, I’d be surprised if there were any left by the end of next week.

I just want to raise awareness to the charity regardless of whether or not anyone enters the contest or not. I don’t understand why this would even be an issue. It’s not a commercial venture. And we’re giving away G.I. Joe items.


I can’t help you understand if you don’t “get it” already.

There is a protocol that needs to be followed, and I let you know what you needed to do.

So, it’s up to you whether you wait to hear back from them patiently or not, but getting flustered isn’t going to help regardless.

Anyhow, all you can do is wait to see what they say.

Personally, I would not suggest hounding them over this, though.

They will reply when they can, and if they choose to.

Thank you,

HissTank Staff


Well despite your rudeness, I thank you for your help.

I hope you are able to donate to Toys for Tots and have a wonderful holiday season.

  • I think “needlessly rude” is a very polite way of describing his behavior, but that’s par for the course with the people behind that site.

  • Kneroh

    This makes no sense to me whatsoever. You’re promoting a charity and trying to do something good. I understand the sites rules regarding self promotion, using general discussion for B/S/Ting or directing traffic to sites that are “competitors” and such but why was this quashed? Honestabejoe is just a bad moderator and everyone that has had any dealings with him knows it. He trolls the site and looks for problems often contorting and maliciously distorting the rules in order to flex his internet muscles.

    I have a great respect for many of the admins and mods there as it’s a thankless job that almost always forces you to be the “bad guy” in a community you want to have positive interactions with because it’s a product you feel passionately about. Not HAJ, he looks for problems and goes out of his way to interrupt benign (or in this case incredibly helpful) posts into something he can moderate.

    It’s always such a sad display and I really wish the sites owner took more notice of this type of behavior. Hopefully your post here will be an eye opener.

  • Anon

    Is that his stank site still around. What a shame. Bunch of knobs there. I have dealt with that honest abe guy in the past. Total idiot!

  • And for the record, I do believe there are a lot of great people on Hiss Tank and that I hope that any members still find out about us and donate to Toys For Tots and enter the contest.

  • Black Llama

    Wow, love their display of Holiday generosity.

  • Vincent,

    Sorry to hear about the issue at hand. I am an Administrator at HissTank. I can confirm that the reason you didn’t receive a response last week is because most of us were visiting family for the Thanksgiving break. You have never had an issue posting before and will not have one now.

    I’m sure I’ll now get trolled for posting here alongside other “unbiased opinions.” Regardless, I’m not here to go tit-for-tat with anyone. I am here to apologize for the issue at hand and to assure you that you will have no issues posting this on the forum. Please feel free to contact me directly on the Tank (C.I.A.D.) for further discussion.

  • Black Llama

    Posted on 11-30-2012 at 07:51 PM by DESTRO

    Posted on 11-28-2012 at 10:29 PM by DESTRO

    Posted on 11-26-2012 at 02:21 PM by DESTRO

    Posted on 11-26-2012 at 11:50 AM by DESTRO

    Because we all know that the news of movie toys wave 3 being listed on eBay certainly trumps someone getting an infraction for posting a thread promoting toys for tots.

  • CdtWeasel

    HAJ is slowly but surely killing Hisstank. Sad state of affairs, would hope the other admins/mods take notice of his actions and take action before he drives everyone away.

  • You are more than welcome to post this on the OG13, here is the section to post and we would be happy to have you aboard!

  • RuckusJr

    Man, that’s ridiculous. I honestly can’t believe he’d be such a jerk as to do that. He and I were on really good terms for a while before he left the Tank. I’ve since left and will NEVER return, and I hear about things he does over there and I would only ever go back to tell him how much of an a-hole he’s being. Maybe a “friend” telling him would open his eyes. But this is confirmation that nothing is guaranteed with this dude.

  • kwobubba

    Hey CIAD, while you’re here why to clear up all the misunderstanding over banning a bunch of us simply because we were members of another site? No one would respond to my emails when I asked why I had been banned. Hisstank is ran by a bunch of clowns.

  • Ruckus! I always wondered what happened to my Tucson brotherhood. Good to see you around man.

  • This is no shock to those who know that that site is run my miserable and petty assholes.

    Post your charity projects on https://www.OG13.com any time you like – we are not a bunch of self-serving tools like the admins and mods of Shit tank.

  • One might argue that using a thread about Toys for Tots promotion as a personal inter-forum battleground is just as self-serving. Maybe we should curb that and concentrate on the most important piece of this… how can we support Toys for Tots and help children in need.

    Geeks for Tots does great work. By all means, let’s fight among ourselves and draw attention away from the important stuff.

  • Vincent,

    As already mentioned, feel free to contact me on the Tank and we can discuss further. As for the trolls, keep hating, haters. You make my day!

  • Ron Burgundy

    What’s worse? Not allowing a charitable post on your website or going to that charity’s website and cursing on it? Stay classy OG13.

  • @Erick

    I want to thank you for your response. I wasn’t trying to bash Hiss Tank with this post, because even if I considered the response rude, it wasn’t over the top rude. If you get my meaning. I was honestly curious as to what the response would be, if it really was me being paranoid or what.

    I am always aware that I might be “pestering” someone and while I did feel like I was needling a bit, I didn’t think it was too crazy either.

    Regardless, thank you for your response. Like I’ve said before, I’m positive that there are fine people over at Hiss Tank since I’ve had many positive experiences over there.

  • Vince,

    Your post did not come off as trying to bash at all. You shared your concern in a much better and eloquent manner than I ever could.

    I won’t smear your wall with trash like some have, so as mentioned, feel free to drop me a line over on the Tank and we can rectify the situation in a manner than benefits everyone involved.

    Thanks man!

    – Erick

  • Ron, who went over there and was cussing? I am just curious.

  • If there are an OGers who have opinions, I strongly request that you not take cussing and immaturity over to the Tank. Represent yourselves with pride, intelligence, liberal amounts of sarcasm, but don’t stoop to name calling. That is not who we are. Rather, spread word of those in need during the holidays, and help to bring attention to a charitable event.

    – Anthony

  • kwobubba

    Hisstank mods calling people trolls. How many more times will the pot call the kettle black today? Oh well, yes, please do support toys for tots or any other worthy charity that you can this year. A lot of good folks are hurting in the country. My mom works for the Salvation Army, so my wife and I participate in the angel tree program every year.

  • wrxotic

    The only reason they are going to allow the thread now is because you called them out in public. We used to have a thread on there called pay it forward. We gave away things for free with the expectation that you now give something else away for free. Trying to promote good will and brother hood. Apparently hisstank is not about that at all. HT closed that thread and banned 90% of us. This was after said mod Honestabe took something for free and never payed it forward. Bunch of clowns.

  • kwobubba

    They also shut down the priority exchanges over there too.

  • kwobubba

    And regardless of how “classy” some of our members posts are, they hold one distinct advantage over those of hisstank mods, in that they are usually true.

  • His Stank

    CIAD/Erick or whatever the heck you call yourself these days

    Feel free to tell everyone why you spread lies and rumors about people purporting to rip other people off during Secret Santa JUST to stick it to the HT?

    You and Abe are the worst of the worst and Frannie boy is running a VERY close second.


    In case you were not aware, “Honest” Abe is a man of God. Did you know that?

    Heck of a way to act and walk in in the ways of Jesus, eh there Abey?

    Karma ladies-it’s all about karma and you are going to get a big, heaping, stinky bag of it on your front porches.