Here’s a Girl in a Cow Costume

I detest anime, but sometimes it gives us awesome stuff like this:


Based on this:


  • Babette

    I don’t want to be a hater since she’s adorable, but are those the only shoes she could find?

  • Vincent

    Hmmm I think she got lazy when she got to the shoes, but to be honest I don’t think that many guys are going to notice.

  • Jason P

    She’s wearing shoes?

  • Nick

    This is definitely a morph.

  • I’m pretty sure she’s been way slimmed down through the wonders of photoshop. I think there’s an unedited, much chubbier version out there some where.

  • Vincent

    I found it. She’s a lot less booby and a little more stomachy, but not super huge or anything.

  • Christ man, post it up. If I wanted to look at cartoons I’d draw them myself!

    Err, I like to see the ones who you know, try hard, even if they don’t always make it.

  • Dolly

    It is photoshopped. I’ve seen the before and after photos. She looks so sexy in that version.

    [If the HTML fails, here’s a direct link: ]

  • Yo, sweet blog, wondering what spam plugin you use for comments because i get lots on my blog.

  • waldfield

    Does anyone else have any pics of this girl (preferably non-cow-related)

  • TFHK

    She has, like the perfect body, she very hot ;)

  • joseph

    I think the before is just as hot as the after. She is a very hot woman. The only thing that is better in the photoshoped one is the addition of her tail. Cool add on.

  • Roadkill

    does any1 know who she is ?

  • Maiku Kamishiro

    Just think, some lucky guy was with her at that convention…

  • Toni Holland

    just think some lucky guy was with her at that convention

  • snowflurry

    You sure it’s not a cow in a girl costume?

  • Mr. Jones

    Where can I find the original picture?

  • richardlpalmer

    Mr. Jones, if you look up about 9 posts above yours (from Dolly), you’ll see a link to the original picture — comparing it to the PhotoShopped version…

  • Thanks Richard, I was too lazy to reply.

  • guest

    the original photo
    also there are some more with her, take a look

  • robb stark

    i could stare at those utters all day, this is my fav picture