He-Man Rules the Mall

Hordak He-Man

This video of a Masters of the Universe (aka He-Mans) mall display is perhaps the greatest thing ever, even if you don’t like toys. It’s a glimpse into 1986 where everything was better. Don’t argue with me on that. I know for a fact, because this video shows the past, so obviously things were better than they are now.

Anyway, back when action figures sold way better because the money of kids and parents didn’t have to compete with things like super mega 4d Game Boys, a company like Mattel could stage an elaborate display of all their Masters of the Universe figures (He-Mans) at a mall. Sadly those days have passed. Now days you’d be lucky to get a gander at a fancy display case full of figures if you go to a comic convention or an industry toy show.

The holograms at the time were great, and it looks like the same tech used to make an arcade game that was kind of shitty, but stole a lot of my quarters. I can only imagine how much money Mattel poured into this display.

I can only imagine how many kids walked out of that display wanting figures. Hell, if I had my time machine I’d go max my credit card out now and buy boat loads of 1986 He-Mans… right after I picked up Lisa Loeb.

Thanks to: Poe Ghostal

  • Wow.

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  • lamartherevenger

    so true…

  • This is amazing. I would gladly buy a drink for whoever it was that taped this… and for whoever took the time to put this on the internets, its most definitely a time warp.

    I’ve often thought how cool it would be to travel back in time and walk up and down the toy aisles of my childhood. The aisles at Child World seemed to be miles long and as tall as the ceiling. There was a local independently owned toy store, Kings Castle, which was a part of a small Medieval Theme Park that had all sorts of neat things. Oh, if only… Today us nerds/bloggers seem to capture every aspect of the hobby whether by taking pictures of the pegs or even posting videos of Toy Runs on YouTube (Check out Freddy TV!).

    I would totally go back and buy myself like one of everything you name it… MOTU, Transformers, etc. So awesome.

    Also, it goes to show how much marketing has changed… now its all viral and internets. Back in the ’80s they were all about going out into the field and having reps on site getting feedback from parents and kids. It was kinda cool. I don’t mean to romanticize toy shopping, but today its just so cold. You go to Wal-Mart, pick up whatever thats on the shelf and then you go buy dog food and a gallon of milk.

  • lamartherevenger

    PrfktTear, I live in PA, please get ahold of me when your time machine is ready, because I want in with that action.