He-Man Flavored Booze

Vincent   January 26, 2011   3 Comments on He-Man Flavored Booze


Thanks to those wonderful folks in India, you too can be strong and powerful like He-Man. Here’s He-Man whiskey, gin, and rum! Screw Popeye and his spinach, the true power of He-Man can be yours the fun and enjoyable way.

Thanks to: Geekosystem

  • lamartherevenger

    I could use some of that. My luck I’d turn into Man-E-Faces drunk

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  • With the power of Grayskull flowing through your veins, you’re a Masters of the Drunkards!

    Man-E-Faces Drunk — your basic multiple personality, one minute you’re fine, the next minute you’re super excited, the next you’re angry punching holes in the wall, then you’re on the floor balled up in the fetal position crying.

    Ram-Man Drunk — you’re drunk as a skunk and you’re always bumping into things, tables, walls, people, etc.

    Sy-Klone — another dangerous drunk, you’re basically like a bull in a china chop and nothing is safe.

    Beast Man — You devolve into sort of a primal state letting out a series of growls & grunts. You might beat your chest or pull your belt off and beat people with it.

    King Hiss— you become sneaky and slither all over the place, but in reality you’re just stumbling around making a fool out of yourself.

    Fisto — hope you are good with spackle & paint, cuz your friend’s parent’s walls are going to look like swiss cheese.

    Man-At-Arms — you like to tell old war stories, reminisce about the good old days, and try to sing multiple choruses of Row Row Row Your Boat.

    Bow — you’ve had enough to drink you start to think about boys (Or girls if you’re a girl) differently and wake up with huge regrets the next day.

    Moss Man — In addition to your crunk, you’ve also got a little green baggie full of good times.

    Roboto — you put on the Styx and start dancing! domo arrigato!

    Dragstor — you “only had a one drink” and despite your best judgment you got in your Dragon Walker but then somehow ended up taking down half the mailboxes on the street as well as running over a bicycle before missing the stop sign at the end of the street, flying over the hedge and landing in the pol

    Blast Attack — you didn’t heed the “liquor before beer” rule and after doing some jager bombs and all those munchies you ate didn’t agree with the 6-pack of PBR you chugged down. Despite all the warnings, you did not heed them and by the time you realized what was going on, it was too late. You fell about 20 feet short of the bathroom but just managed to puke all over the nice rug.

    Snout Spout — you’ve gone all night without breaking the seal. You finished off at least a dozen or so red cups from the keg, not to mention any shots you’ve done. Then all of a sudden that pain in your bladder which you successfully ignored for the last hour or so is now starting to become start Your prostate is starting to pulsate. You manage to make it to the bathroom but you don’t quite have the coordination to keep a straight eye. You zip your fly down but it’s just a moment too late, you’ve already got a warm stream running down your leg. You try to stop but you can’t. You’re going everywhere, on the towels, on the floor, on the walls. You take hold with both hands and try to point it down, but your aim isn’t very good now, it’s a good thing there’s a seat cover to soak up all your expelled beer, cuz you didn’t notice the lid wasn’t up

    King Randor — you’re the king when it comes to drinking games. A natural at beer pong, you are a king amongst kings in King’s Cup, a master of never have I ever, manage to hold your own at Rock Band on regular settings, and you made it past the racist joke in The Boondock Saints before passing out… buuut, you forgot to take your shoes off, so you had to show up to your Grandma’s funeral with “BALLS” written on your forehead.

    He-Man — you decide it’s a good idea to strip down to your underwear and scream “I have the power! I have the power!”