Happy Valentine’s Day From The Ghostbusters

Vincent   February 14, 2014   Comments Off on Happy Valentine’s Day From The Ghostbusters


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. I like to celbrate the holiday in style with Valentine’s cards that have a geeky flavor, so Ghostbusters Valentine’s Day cards hit the spot.


As a geek Valentine’s Day used to be really hard on me. I was one of the kids that would only end up with pity cards when they got handed out in class. It was so horrible. But I’m over that now, because well fuck those assholes, I’m awesome.


And if you’re single don’t fret it’s just another dumb day. If you need dating advice just ask in the comments. We have a crack team of geeks in relationships ready to help you out.


I found these Ghostbuster themed Valentine’s Day cards on GhostbustersNews.com’s Facebook page and their website where they have a lot more of them than the ones shown here!