Happy Thanksgiving!

Vincent   November 25, 2009   3 Comments on Happy Thanksgiving!

I know it’s been a bit quite around here, but there’s important things under foot. Regardless of the crazy behind the scenes activity, I’ve created a list of things I’m thankful for.


Things I’m Thankful For: By Vincent the Blogger Guy

1. Being closer (location wise) to most of my friends and family – Sure I must deal with the cold and work a dead end job, but at least most of my peeps are within driving distance.

2. Being a Dudecast (link NSFW) – So hilarious, so fun.

3. Awesome Video Games – This is the only time of year that the very best games are released. Beatles Rock Band and Modern Warfare 2 have currently joined my collection and I’m loving them. Hopefully Left For Dead 2 won’t be far behind.

4. Birthdays – Without my birthday I’d have no awesome video games or The Prisoner on Blu-Ray.

5. Netflix – Netflix has changed my life, for the better. Without Netflix I would have never known how horrible Capricorn One was or how mediocre Hancock is.

6. Hasbro’s Changing the G.I. Joe Line of Toys – Hasbro has done me a huge favor by doing away with the classic styled packaging and most of it’s classic looking figure releases in their G.I. Joe line. If they wouldn’t have, I’d be stuck spending tons of cash I don’t have on toys. Thanks, Hasbro!

7. Boobs – I don’t think I need to explain why.

  • Mr Thankful

    Recently my son and his wife moved back into the area. Like you I’m thankful that he is within driving distance of my wife and me. He has always been a treat to be around for us, his parents. I’m sure your family feels the same. Just knowing someone is near enough to see within a days drive makes all the difference sometimes. Wishing you a good and safe holiday.

  • Totally agree with your #6 (and #7)!

  • Jason P

    Boobs should be #1 :-P