Happy Thanksgiving 2015 Edition!

Vincent   November 26, 2015   Comments Off on Happy Thanksgiving 2015 Edition!

Thanksgiving Lady and a Turkey

It’s a sometimes Thanksgiving tradition at Robot’s Pajamas to write a special post outlining what I’m thankful for. Because everyone cares about what I think. Still, it’s a fun post to do so let’s get to it!

1. Being home drunk on a Thursday: I started a tradition of hanging out at home, getting drunk, and not seeing other people on Thanksgiving a few years ago. It’s amazing. Everyone should do it. You’ll be really thankful you can get drunk at home on a Thursday without having deal with anyone. Of course, this doesn’t work if you had kids, but that’s your own dumb fault.

2. MST3K Turkey Day Marathon: Since the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon started up again, I’ve had more of an excuse to sit inside all day doing nothing but drinking. Thanks MST3K!

3. Chris Piers, Phil, and Rev Ron: Okay, I’m going to cram people together, because this list will get too long. Chris is a post writing machine and I most of the current success of the site, especially the Robot’s Pajamas Facebook page, to him. Phil has been providing colors for our dumb Star Wars comics for free and you can’t beat free labor. And when Ron guest posts, it’s always a delight.

4. My RPG Players: Man, if you love RPGs finding a group can be a nightmare. I’ve been very lucky to gather a group of people who will play these things with me. Funny thing is that most of them have never played an RPG before! Sometimes you just have to “turn them out” to borrow a phrase.

5. Friends, family, girlfriend and all that bullshit: Yeah them to. Even though I’m an old hermit I’m super grateful for people in my life that tolerate me.

6. The Robot’s Pajamas Fans: And here’s where I slobber gratefulness all over you people. Thanks for visiting the blog. And thanks to everyone following me on Twitter and those who liked the Facebook page. Things are going great and they can only get better.

We’ve got great things in store for us, so you better be pumped for the next year of Robot’s Pajamas goodness!