Happy Thanksgiving 2013 From The Robot’s Pajamas


I realize almost nobody goes on the internet on holidays, but I wanted to thank everyone in a Thanksgiving post and also to maybe entertain you briefly (especially if you don’t celebrate I have to put something up).

I’ve been thinking this week about how people usually celebrate Thanksgiving. They get together with their families, exchange Thanksgiving gifts, have your Thanksgiving prayer, eat a big dinner, watch some dumb sports on TV and maybe get into a horrible fight. Not me. That’s what I used to do, but over the years times have changes and a six hour round trip drive isn’t really the greatest. I started a new Thanksgiving Tradition a few years ago. It involves me drinking an entire bottle of wine, watching terrible movies, and eating turkey, Stovetop stuffing, and instant mashed potatoes.

This might sound like something a terribly lonely person would do and you’re right! But it’s also pretty fun. You don’t have to drive or fly a long way to visit family. Just do that when it’s more convenient. So basically I’m Thankful for getting drunk on a Thursday and then having a post Thanksgiving sequel of sorts at a later date when I can see my Ma and Pa.

Speaking of Stovetop Stuffing, remember those commercials where kids acted like Stovetop Stuffing was like fucking cocaine?

And that plug at the end, you can never get enough stovetop stuffing instead of potatoes. INSTEAD OF POTATOES? Who in their right mind would sacrifice potatoes for Stovetop Stuffing? It’s served in addition to potatoes. They should have teamed with Big Potato, not tried to fight against them!

Anyway, while I’m getting completely wasted watching a film like Conan The Destroyer at this very second, I decided to post a few things I’m thankful:

Twitter Pals: Man, there’s some solid dudes and ladies on Twitter and I’d like to thank all of them for being so cool. You know how you are. I hope.

Robot’s Pajama’s Contributers: Man, having people contribute has really made this site better. I really need to thank Chris Piers and Digga D who keep delivering so much great stuff. I hope to hear more from Monte and Ari Fleeman in the future. If you’re interested in being awesome like them, just let me know.

Call of Cthulhu and Ghostbusters RPG: While I’m thankful these role playing games exist, I’m more thankful that I know people that are willing to play them with me. I realize that some of you are out there without fellow RPG playing friends. I really feel for you.

My parents, Girlfriend, and Friends: These people are people you don’t care about, so I’m not going to prattle on about them. Just know that they are awesome.

Lava Lamps: I don’t know why I like Lava Lamps so much aside from the fact that I’m a simpleton.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Come on, this one should be obvious.

Finally, on this holy of all days I leave you with a song.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  • Ben Rollier

    Happy Thanksgiving, buddy

  • Chris Piers

    Happy Thanksgiving. I’m grateful this site allows me an outlet to talk about nerdy stuff.

  • Me too!

  • Thank you, to you too!