Happy Thanksgiving: 2011 Edition


It’s been a tradition on Robot’s Pajamas, and Toybender before it, to list things I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving (The real Thanksgiving, the one in the United States, thank you very much). So here are

1. People who donate to Toys for Tots and enter Geeks for Tots: Yeah, this is a bit of a plug for Geeks for Tots, but seriously kids need your help this year. And what better way to win fucking awesome stuff? Anyone who donates and enters the contest is aces in my book.

2. People who give me gifts: I’m really thankful for people who buy me gifts. They have the time, energy, and dedication to make sure that they know how truly special and awesome I am. Thank you.

3. Netflix: Netflix has come back into my life again and it is sweet. I’m currently going through all of the Larry Sanders episodes. I’m in heaven.

4. Those of you who order stuff from my Amazon links: I basically make negative cash on this site, so I’m eternally grateful for anyone who may happen to see an ad that interests them and clicks on it to learn more. This includes going over to Amazon and buying products so I can get a little kick back. Thank you, you rule.

5. Boobs: Boobs. I’m always thankful for boobs. They’re just so great!

6. Twitter Followers: It’s hard to imagine a world without Twitter. When I wanted attention before I’d put out a blog post and pray that someone would leave a comment. Now I blast twitter with some stupid ramblings and I get lots of responses from very cool people. Thanks Twitter followers!

7. Ok Cupid: Hey lonely losers, this shit works!

8. Family and Friends: Blah blah blah. This is just here to help ensure they keep giving me gifts. (see #2)

  • Chad B

    I’m thankful for all you internet peeps that keep me entertained! And large amounts of turkey.