Happy Thanksgiving! 2010 Edition

thanksgivingsexyindianandpilgrimcostumesIt’s the time of year where Americans (to Hell with the rest of the world) take a moment and think about what they’re thankful for. Well, that or just eat a lot and get into arguments with their relatives. This year was a pretty rough one for the crew at Robot’s Pajamas. There were lots of ups, but there were a lot of downs. Every year I have created a list of what I’m thankful for that hopefully will entertain you.

1. Rock Band 3 – Holy crap, is this game awesome. There’s a lot of small changes that fans of the game will really love. I may write more about it the future, but if you like music games it’s a must have. And get the keytar, it’s fun.

2. Taco Bell’s $1 Chicken Burrito – This one pretty much speaks for itself.

3. Big Lots – If it wasn’t for Big Lots being the store for poor people, I’d be lacking some nice furniture. Hell, if you’re hankering for Halloween themed cereal in December, where else you going to go?

4. Matty – My Robot’s Pajama Party Podcast co-host (new episode coming soon, we hope) is one fine gentleman.

5. Friends and Family – I’d also like to thank all my friends who helped support me in the last few months. I need it. Special shout out to those that proved their love with gifts on my birthday. I really deserve them.

6. You readers and Podcast listeners – You really make doing this worthwhile. Thanks for rocking, everybody.

7. West End Games Star Wars RPG – West End Games made a fine ass Star Wars RPG. I’m finally I got a chance to finally play as the most kick ass and somewhat scumbaggy pilot in the galaxy. Even better, there’s none of the bad prequel aftertaste!

8. Boobs – I can’t imagine a world without boobs. It’s just too painful.

  • #8 – What else is there?

  • Matty

    You’re the first person to ever be thankful for me.

  • ur dad

    right on bro…hard to believe i grew up in the 60’s

  • Vinny,
    I’m thankful for you. I seem far less nerdy standing next to you.

    The end.

  • PrfktTear

    Taco Bell’s $1 Chicken Burrito is a godsend. Moreso than their tacos, nachos bel Grande, chalupas, gortitas, and even their crunchy cinnamon twists, I love their chicken burrito. I have fond memories of my father picking me up from school on Fridays and going to Taco Bell for dinner where I would order the Chicken Burrito Supreme.

    Big Lots is indeed the shiznit. I have found so much good stuff there, cheap. I always go there at Halloween to load up on props and such.

    I’d say eight or nine years ago I found these great plaster-ey(?) statues of sculled creatures, one was death in a black robe with a scythe standing on a skull. Another was death looking rather Skeletor-ish with a yellow skull and purple robe holding an hour glass, standing on more skulls (there was a theme here). Best of all these priceless works of art were only about $6 each. I’ve also made some great finds in their toy aisle… depending on when you hit it, you can find stuff that has barely had time to warm pegs in real stores.

    Back in ’02-’03-ish they had this fantastically awful 3.75” He-Man rip-off with tons of great looking characters. Finally, speaking of bootlegs, they’re always great for Transformers bootlegs, even some G1 gestalts.

    They’re a good place for random stuff too, $3 dvds (cuz I always wanted to own Hard Rain), and their bootleg Capt. Crunch is the bomb.