Happy (Real) Star Wars Day!


For the last few years Star Wars day arose on May 4th, because everyone likes to act like a comedian and say, “May the 4th be with you.” I make it no secret that I absolutely hate “May the 4th be with you” for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s a stupid pun. The thing about a pun is that it’s may be humorous once. After that, I get it. Enough already. Every time someone says “May the 4th be with you” they should honk an old timey bicycle horn like a clown uses to accentuate how funny they are.


The second reason I hate “May the 4th be with you” day is that Star Wars was released on May 25th. It’s so fucking close to the actual release day of Star Wars that it’s insane to celebrate Star Wars when it’s birthday is only 21 more days away! Not only is May 25th the release day of the first Star Wars film, it’s the release date of Return of the Jedi! Empire was released on the 21st, which is closer to the 25th than the 4th. How can the 25th not be the one and only Star Wars Day?!

It’s a shame that the birthday of Star Wars was usurped by this pun, because almost nobody recognizes the actual release day now that we all have our hilarious joke.

Well fuck that. The only Star Wars Day I recognize is May 25th. Happy Star Wars Day everyone. Happy REAL Star Wars Day.

Update: In the years after this post was written, Star Wars Day has become even worse. Nobody apparently ever gets tired of the pun and they act like you’re a huge asshole if you’re not into it. It’s not like I’m not saying don’t celebrate something you love (which somehow is also celebrated the rest of the year including the movie releases which will now happen once a year…), but to do it on a more meaningful day than one based on a pun.

Even worse though is the constant barrage of ads from not only nerd stores, but from mainstream companies. Everyone wants to tell you, “May the 4th be with you” and then sell you a bunch of shit they sell the rest of the year… but it’s special now because *PUN*.

And then this year (2016) Alien day started, which is yet another excuse to both celebrate something and sell more crap to people. I look forward to the next five years when every nerd franchise has it’s own day.

In the mean time the 4th of May has become “Avoid Twitter and Facebook Day” for me. Enjoy, everyone!

  • I too loathe the phrase, “May the Force be with You” —

  • Knarf Sudragob

    where is the love for space 1999 or Gerry/Sylvia Anderson UFO tv series both should be in the upper echelons of SCIFI chatter!

  • Annusya

    But it’s 21 days later, not 23! I love the first picture, hee! ^=^

  • Joseph The Sane

    I cringe every time I hear that moronic sentence. . .

  • Skewed_View

    I didn’t realize until yesterday that May the 4th really is Star Wars day for a bunch of people. I thought it was just a joke on the internet last year, then I saw all the commercials and all these social media posts about it.
    Also, I wondered where Alien Day came from. I kept seeing it pop up, and didn’t remember it ever happening before, so I’m glad to hear that this year was the first.