Happy Optimus and the Gang

Former ToyFare staffer and grower of amazing muttonchops, Zach Oat, has uncovered some rather interesting Transformers pictures from a book he had when he was a kid. These simply must be seen to be believed:


The Autobots celebrate a race victory against stupid humans and their dumb cars.

Simply amazing. Look at the smile on Optimus! His freaky mouth pre-dated the movie by a couple of decades. And please tell me I’m crazy, but the artwork for some reason screams, “Doctor’s office” to me. Whenever I was a kid and I had to go to the doctor almost every book and magazine from Highlights on down had this kind of  colorful style.


"See ya later, ya Batman wanta be Morther F*cker!"

I’m assuming this was in Optimus Prime’s early days of being a total d-bag.

Thanks to: Buster of Chops

  • On the uncomfortable scale, that picture ranks is somewhere between walking in on your parents in the middle of coitus and having your parents walk in on you in the middle of self gratification.

  • lamartherevenger

    scary thing is, I’m old enough to remember this..

  • Chad B

    The eyes on Cliffjumper’s car mode are very Cars-ish. And I think I vaguely remember this either from a book I had or one a friend had. Scary stuff

  • Hilarious! I wonder what award they won?

  • They were quick to license out Transformers to pretty much EVERYTHING. I have a deck of Transformerscards (presumably for Go Fish, or “Match” type games with original box art on them. Some stuff was really quirky though. I have a softcover book and the art was terrible, it looked like a kid had drawn and colored it with a box of dull crayons (and no, it was NOT a coloring book, but that would have been a pretty good setup)((but it did make a nice segway)) I also remember some pretty bad coloring books too. I wonder if they were not allowed to use the Sunbow designs from the animated series or not, or else they just sorta had to draw upon the box art/figures for comparison.