Han Solo’s Best “I Give a Crap” Voice

After watching this trailer for Empire Strikes Back I have a few thoughts on the narration by Harrison Ford. Either he is:

A. Having a lot of fun with it.


B. Being as sarcastic as possible, because he doesn’t want to do this horseshit.

I’m going to vote on B.

  • ur dad

    I vote for B too.

  • Johnny

    Wow, I had no idea that was hf. Definitely B.

  • Morgan

    What was that sign C3PO was tearing off the door? Was that a deleted scene or something?

  • Vincent

    Morgan, yes. The wampas got in the rebel base and the rebel’s managed to keep them in that room. C3PO tears the sign off and some snowtroopers go in the room. The subplot was scrapped because they couldn’t get the Wampa suit to look realistic enough for these scenes.

  • Vincent

    BTW I’m an uber geek.

  • Kevin

    A. How many times has Harrison Ford been a voice actor? That’s right, 0 times!
    B. When you’re waiting 30 seconds between narration spots, it’s hard to keep up the intensity.
    C. I completely think it was A. He was having fun with it.
    C-2. That was perhaps the finest trailer I’ve ever seen!