Halo Reach: The Robot’s PJs Impressions


I was one of the world’s biggest Halo fans at one point. My love for the series has waned slightly, but I still am at the point where I have to buy every single Halo brand game that is released. After the slight disappointment of ODST (where the my biggest issue was the price). I’ve barely followed news on Halo Reach, just because I really didn’t care. I know I’ll buy it regardless.

That’s why I when I first played the open Beta (open to anyone with a copy of ODST) I was pleasantly surprised. To spare you a lot of text that you’re not going to read though, I’m busting this one out bullet point style:


– The speed of the game has increased. I’m not sure if that’s my perception of what is really going on, but it seems faster and more action packed than before.

– New weapons. On one hand I’m wary of new weapons in Halo, especially in a game that takes place before later entries in the series. That causes me to wonder where these weapons were in the other games, but the additions are totally worthwhile. I do miss the BR, but it’s new single shot cousin is fun once you learn how to use it.

-The new classes. On the human side you get four nifty classes. While the running class is kind of lame, it’s useful. The jet pack is cool, but makes you a target. I haven’t figured out how to use the defensive class, but I’m all on top of the stealth one.

– Maps. Being that it’s the beta and only a couple of maps are available, it’s hard to judge how good they’ll be on the final release. So far, so good! They are big enough not to feel cramped, while at the same time being small enough to ensure that you’re hardly a few moments without meeting an enemy.

– Map location. On the bottom left corner of the screen it tells you exactly where you are on the map. This is an excellent way to coordinate with a team without having to make up names for everything on the map.

-Armor upgrades. Halo has finally capitulated to COD MW by offering rewards for earning points in game. Instead of guns that you can upgrade you get armor pieces that customize your Spartan. There is a negative that goes along with this one as well though (look under disliked).


– I’m not sure what the armor does. Sure the armor upgrades have a short description, but do they actually do anything? It would be nice to know if they did and if they do, it should be a lot more clear as to exactly what it is that they do.(Edit: I just re-read this. Hilarious… did do did. Shesh)

– Idiots. Halo seems to get an unfair amount of criticism leveled at it for all the dumb asses that play and ruin things. I’ve run into about the same amount in any game I’ve ever played. They’re here too though, and they are not fun. I particularly am really tired of tea bagging. Not because I suck, because it usually happens when there are two versus one or something equally lame.

As you can see, there’s not much I don’t like about Halo Reach so far. Of course, this is only the beta test and I could not like plenty of the full version of the game. Time will tell on that front, but until that point I will be loving the shit out of the Halo Reach beta.

  • I like what I’ve encountered so far. Reach promises to be good. I’m not too in love with the map that isn’t Sword Base, but I love armor lock. We’ll be talking about this for episode 7 of Joint Ops Monthly.

  • Vincent

    See, I like the non sword base map more than sword base. I’ll be listening for the podcast.