Halo Reach Has Starfighter Combat… Oh My Gawd!


Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more excited for Halo Reach, they have to announce that there’s a level that features starfighter combat. Holy flaming awesome balls. Having been obsessed with space combat since first seeing Star Wars, I’ve always had a nerd on for games featuring it. Halo has always held some promise for space based vehicular combat, but with the focus being on person to person shooting there was never any serious hope for one of my favorite game types. Now that’s changed with at least one level of Halo Reach doing just that.

So far it’s confined to one level, but if Microsoft is the money grubbing company I know it is, they should consider doing a spin-off space fighting game. Man, it would rock to fly in between the Covenant and USMC ships as they slugged it out. It would rock my face clean off.

Thanks to: Kotaku

  • Wow. That sounds great. While the vehicles handle a little loose in Halo, the environments have always been so big that they’ve been a blast. I like this. It’s finally something “new” for Reach. Because I was unimpressed with the beta.

  • Vincent

    See I fell in love with Halo again after the Beta. The action was so quick and they added a lot to get me excited. I was totally done with Halo 3 a long time ago.

  • The levels were very unimpressive visually. I felt like the graphics were a step back from Halo 3. I hope it improves.

  • Vincent

    Graphics were probably lower because you have to step them back to account for dozens of players playing at once. I really had no problem with them though. I guess it’s just a matter of opinion, but I loved the demo.