Halo ODST: The Final Call

Vincent   September 30, 2009   1 Comment on Halo ODST: The Final Call


I just finished Halo ODST’s single player player mode and I’ve played enough of the new firefight multiplayer mode to warrant a true “review” of the game. Since attention spans are short around here (especially mine) I figured that I’d forgo a review of the kind you’ve already seen on gaming sights and just give you some quick bullet points.

What I loved:

– It’s more Halo.

– The return of the scoped pistol. I also like the fact that it and the SMG are silenced.

– Yes, it’s true that you can back off from firefights to “recharge” even though you don’t have shields, your characters are much weaker than Master Chief.

– Due to the fact you’re weaker than Master Chief, battles are much more intense. I was actually afraid of encountering Hunters for the first time in years.

– I’m glad they finally put the Engineer class into the game after reading about them in a bunch of the novels.

– No flood. The Flood is my least favorite aspect of Halo. In ODST there’s no Flood at all. Awesome!

What I didn’t love:

– Since I’ve played Halo so much, there’s not much that’s new. In the way of enemy types, its all more of the same.

– Missions at their core are fun, but they’re nothing new either. It’s basically walk and shoot enemies, open a door and shoot more.

– While some of the music is very good, some of the mood music is a bit off. It sounds like a JRPG sometimes and that irks me to no end.

– Since I don’t always have friends online or those with the same games, it kind of sucks that you can’t play Firefight with randoms.

– While the city levels are rather large, it would have been nice if they put in some side missions. Making the game more open ended would have added a lot of added value with just a few bonus missions.

– 60 bucks… for this? Well, I paid for it, so I guess I’m the idiot.

  • Well I guess there is no need in ruining a masterpiece, huh? If they changed too much we would be all upset.