Halo ODST All Up in My House

I normally don’t go and “rush out” to get a game nor do I usually pre-order games. The soul exception to this rule is Halo. Ever since the first Halo I’ve made a point of going out of my way to get pre-order the games and get them on the day of release. I’m that crazy about Halo. So when the prospect of new a new(ish) Halo game with more Halo one player goodness arose, I did the usual pre-order thing.

I’ve only played ODST for about an hour, but my first impressions are good. It’s more Halo, so if you hate Halo you’re more than likely going to hate ODST. If you love Halo, then you will probably love ODST. One thing that has surprised me so far is that I stopped playing after an hour. I don’t think it’s the game fault so much as my attention span has grown shorter over the years. I also have the sneaking suspicion that I don’t want the adventure to end right away so I may be subconsciously taking more breaks than I normally would. Yeah, I’m fucking weird.

My biggest gripe is kind of an odd one, though. As a advanced soldier of the future walking around in a densly populated warzone you’d think I’d come across a lot of dead civilians. I’d also expect to come across some living civilians as well. While games have advanced quite a bit, I think the designers are really missing on something here. No, I’m not looking to kill civies or see dead kids everywhere, I just think that it might make war seem a hell of a lot less glamorous if we saw some non-military casualties and might make the goal of “winning” all that more important.

Anyway, if my opinions change or if I have more to add about the game I’ll certainly post it. Have any of you gotten the game? If so what are your thoughts? If you don’t plan on getting it or hate Halo, I want to hear why too.

  • Honestly,

    I have not been a great fan of Halo. I like war games more than Halo and alikes.

  • I’m not into these kinds of games, I’m more into RPG. Talk WOW and Diablo. Especially Diablo…I wish they released Diablo 3 finally, we’ve been waiting for that one for years!