Greatest Pee Wee Herman Find of the Century?

Vincent   January 27, 2014   Comments Off on Greatest Pee Wee Herman Find of the Century?


This is simply incredible. A recent eBay auction had some of the ultimate in Pee Wee Herman collectibles for the discriminating Pee Wee Herman fan. According to the seller’s description, back when JC Penny carried a Pee Wee Herman clothing line (there was such a thing?) they had a nifty store display with three foot tall Chairy and a 40 inch tall Pee Wee. When the line was discontinued they had to get rid of it, so they sold it to a very lucky someone. And that person in turn sold the lot on eBay for a cool $1,153 plus shipping.

While it’s not life size, the stuff available for this auction is still pretty cool. I don’t know if it’s over 1,500 dollars cool, but someone sure thought so.

Check out all the sweet pics!

Thanks to: Lamar the Revenger