Gravity 3D: A Review


Gravity. It’s a movie about Sandra Bullock having a crazy space adventure. There’s not a lot to say about it that hasn’t been said, especially since this thing won seven Academy Awards. However, I’m on the internet and I have an opinion. So here we are. Plus, I have a 3D TV now so I figured I’d report on the experience of watching it in 3D. What a treat for you!

The basic gist of Gravity is simple: It’s a disaster movie in space. The plot is incredibly basic. Shit keeps going wrong for the hero until the end. Any other discussion of plot leads to major spoilers, but the simple version is that while out in space the Russians decide to blow up one of their satellites, which creates a huge chain reaction of dangerous space debris.


The Movie: I hadn’t watched the movie before I bought it. That’s kind of rare for me, but since I dig sci-fi, it won a million awards, and I like 3D this would be a win. And I really did enjoy it. The action is pretty sweet and the characters aren’t super annoying even though George Clooney’s character comes off a bit stereotypical as the ultra cool guy on his last mission.

Some of the actions taken by the heroes and their successes seem pretty ridiculous. Still, I went along with it despite being pretty over the top on the believably scale.


Things get pretty crazy in 3D.

The 3D: Wow, Gravity is a 3D movie done right. It uses the sense of depth to a great effect and while there are objects that float around the screen, it didn’t feel like they were put there only as eye candy, they help set the scene of abandonment (in some cases) and danger in others. The tons of speeding space debris are a pretty cool spectacle to see.

The 3D helps with the overwhelming sense of danger by the near constant fear of falling into the abyss. In fact, I’m glad I saw it on my 47 in. screen rather than IMAX, I have the feeling I’d have experienced some vertigo seeing it on a screen that fills your entire vision.

I did notice a bit of cross talk here and there (when you can see an offset, second faded image of the thing you’re looking at), particularly with objects at an extreme distance. I’m not sure if it’s because I really haven’t done any picture calibration or my angle of viewing factored in. My girlfriend reported not noticing it, so maybe I’m being too picky.

Overall: Gravity is an enjoyable flick, but I’m not sure it deserved 7 Academy awards. Still, as a lover of 3D it’s a great example of what can be done to enhance a movie experience rather than serve as an annoying and unnecessary distraction. Do yourself a favor, if you own a 3D TV dust off that unused 3D feature and give Gravity in 3D a spin. It’ll remind you why you might have wanted that feature in the first place.

If you’re watching it in 2D I’d say it’s a decent film with a good amount of tension, but you’re missing out of a big part of the wow factor.


My favorite shot of the movie was the hole in the guy’s head. I wish there were more 3D movies with holes in people’s heads.


I’ll take short shorts over diapers any day.

I was watching this movie with three others and we all thought it was funny that Sandra Bullock wasn’t wearing socks. Real astronauts not only wear socks, but they also wear diapers. I guess that’s a conceit I’d prefer, given the choice between her flying around in short shorts or a space diaper.

Man, if you think the Ukraine stuff divided the world, the events in Gravity surely would have the world on the brink of nuclear war. If the U.S. and presumably other governments knew that the Russians blew up a satellite and that’s what caused the destruction of our shuttle, two space stations, and a good chunk of the world’s communications satellites… that’s the kind of thing that really ramps up the, “Oh my god, the Russians have struck first” kind of a thinking that leads down the path of total global war. I expected to see mushroom clouds at the end of the flick.