Governor Conan

Vincent   August 25, 2009   9 Comments on Governor Conan

Being a lover of everything awesome, I follow Arnold Schwarzenegger on Twitter. Just yesterday he was taking questions from his followers when someone asked him if he still had the sword from Conan. This was his response:

Schwarzenegger: I do still have the Conan sword @hidefnewscaps, and I keep it in my office. Here’s a picture.

And here’s the picture:


My mind is totally blown. I can’t imagine anything cooler than this. If you would have told me when I was a kid that Conan the Barbarian would hold public office someday, I’d have said you were a fool and killed you were you stood (I was a very violent child).

  • diddleymaz

    Maybe he should sell it movie memorabilia gets good prices!! and it might help the budget.

  • crazyfellow1

    Arnold has a twitter?!

  • Yeah I saw that too. Pretty cool.

    Glad you’re still keeping up with CA as we slide into the ocean!

  • Now that is just fricken sweet ass sweet, sirrah!

  • Arnold is a god.

  • Crazyfellow1,

    Arnold has a facebook for sure. Twitter not sure.

    Infact I did some research and could not find him.

  • Oops, my bad.


    If you know Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Twitter, please add me too. We are already connected on twitter.

  • That is way too cool! Now we just need some Star Trek memorobilia in the White House!

  • that is awesome i think this sword would qualify to be the biggest sword on earth.