Goodwill Hunting (Featuring Flea Market Finds!)

I almost never find anything good at thrift stores. I’m not sure if it’s the area I live in or if I don’t go at the right times, but my thrift market trips record is something like 1:400 now. Well, I took some pics of things I found interesting to hopefully make something good come out of this. I also went to a big flea market in my area, so I have that to report as well.

"I need the case unlocked, I have a date."

“I need the case unlocked, I have a date.”

I think these condoms in one of the cases at a Goodwill speak for themselves.


A collection of tiny Lord of the Rings items. I do not find it surprising that they ended up at a Goodwill.

Great. Trains.

Great. Trains.

Toy collectors take note, many of the things we cherish today will end up in a hideous looking box in a Goodwill someday. Most of the people that care about stuff from the 80s will grow old and die, leaving our loved ones to deal with the mess.



Now for the flea market. This was a pretty creepy and almost life sized Freddy Kruger standing next to a blank sign. I imagine this would be a super cool item for a horror fan.

That Boy George chick sure is hot.

That Boy George chick sure is hot.

This Boy George class artwork thing is about the most 80s thing I’ve ever seen. I really hope it found a good home.

I like my porn like I like my Batman, with teens in it.

I like my porn like I like my Batman, with teens in it.

I never realized that Robin made the official transition to “Teen Wonder” at any point. Boy Wonder is just kind of accepted, but Teen Wonder really throws the oddness of the situation right in your face.

It was a more innocent time.

It was a more innocent time.

Donkey Party. Moving on!


Now for the things I purchased. This MOBAT is in pretty good shape. It’s missing it’s smaller cannon and battery compartment. Still, I got it for a decent price. It didn’t get the, “Oh I know what G.I. Joe is, I shall charge a fortune for this thing!” markup that I usually see.


I got a bag of Joes for five bucks. Couple of real duds. The yellow Alley Viper is cool though. And that purple guy I’ve sold for a decent amount before, so it’s not a total loss.


Casey Jones, I hardly knew ye. I didn’t realize how much paint wear there was on this guy until I got home. When I tried turning his head it busted right off, because it had been super glued on. Theoretically, if you own a vintage Casey Jones figure the price went up because there’s one less of them in the world…


Picked up this Rat King for cheap. Dunno why.


I don’t often see Super Naturals figures in the wild (in fact this is the first time). When they’re super cheap I’ll buy.


Sorry about the blurriness. On the left is a vintage G.I. Joe Tollbooth in amazing shape. On the right is a 25th style Roadblock. I got Roadblock mostly because he was cheap and he’s the very first time I’ve seen a 25th era figure at a flea market.

Don't cross the streams!

Don’t cross the streams!

One of my best finds was this Egon with a non-broken Kenner proton pack. It’s like Kenner built these things as fragile as possible. Egon is in decent shape and the proton pack has little silver letters from whatever child it belonged to, but it was still a great find. In the same tub were two other proton packs without figures. I thought both were perfect, though the one actually has busted pegs. Still, it was only about 6 bucks for everything and I consider that a steal considering how fragile the proton packs are.

Let's get dangerous!

Let’s get dangerous!

This ties for best find of the day. Darkwing Duck from Playmates is techically MOC… although he has been opened. He’s complete and that seems to be rather rare by checking eBay. I’ll probably be selling him at some point. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy owning this really cool toy.

  • Wes GRogan

    I am in LOVE with your Darkwing Duck figure!!

  • I honestly didn’t know that Playmates made a line of them before I saw it at the flea market.

  • Wes GRogan

    Neither did I, man… but I’ll tell you, if that guy ends up going for sale you have got let me know ahead of time.

  • It saddens me when I realize folks have missed some of my shining gems. I had almost the entire set of Darkwing figures for sale forever. And you didn’t know they existed?!!! Anywa, before I turn this into something about me, nice post – and good find on those proton packs

  • Probably because I didn’t dig through your TV and movie toys categories. I usually stick to the G.I. Joe and superhero ones.

  • Wes GRogan

    BTW, to whomever ends up enjoying that box of condoms that I donated to Goodwill… you’re welcome.

  • clark

    At least I was classy enough to donate bareskins to my local council for the blind.

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