Goodwill Hunting: Blast from the Past

One of my favorite features on the internet is William B. West’s “Thrift Justice”. Dude finds some seriously cool stuff. I never seem to find anything that great at thrift stores and when I do it’s usually a toy, so it goes under the Toy Hunt banner here on Robot’s Pajamas. But this time I figured since I actually found something interesting at a thift store I’d throw it in it’s own thing.


While cruising around a local Goodwill store I managed to find buried beneath a bunch of garbage toys a still sealed Batman Returns flag banner for use as a party streamer for 50 cents!

In addition I got VHS copies of Batman and Batman Returns still sealed! The original sticker price on Batman Returns is from Best Buy for a whopping 17 bucks. Shesh. Hard to imagine I lived in a world where a VHS tape would cost that much.

I also got a sealed Rocketeer VHS tape. One of the employees told us that each of these beauties was part of a massive donation of VHS tapes that they got that were all sealed. Bizarre.

  • Yay! A plug! Thanks :-) When it comes to your finds, not too shabby. I’m not sure about your neck of the woods, but we’ve only had Best But around me for about 15 years. However, it seems that they’ve been around since 1983. So, there’s a chance that the Batman tape was once even higher than $17.00 originally. It’s crazy how much VHS tapes used to cost. Someone recently tweeted a pic of an old G.I. Joe ad that was promoting ONE EPISODE on VHS for $50! Shit is crazy, son!

  • No problem dude!

    You know, I saw a comic ad for one of them G.I. Joe tapes and thought it had to be a misprint. The only thing worth 50 bucks on tape back then would have been porn, but that would probably have cost a hundred if a half hour cartoon was 50.