Go Go Clone Trooper Rangers!


I’m not the biggest fan of Power Rangers. I just don’t “get it.” In fact, I’ve never  liked Power Rangers. I remember being really excited about it before it came out, because it seemed like Voltron with space ninjas. Then I saw it and I couldn’t believe how dumb it was. I guess I had had just barely reached the age where I saw more flaws than good. I did give the first Power Rangers movie a shot, just because I thought with a bigger budget and more at stake that it would be an improvement. Nope, it was just more cheesy crap. However, I really have to appreciate combining the Power Rangers with one of my favorite Star Wars elements, the clone troopers. It’s a good look for them.

Anyone know who illustrated this? I’d like to give some credit for the super boss work.

Thanks to: Phil S.

  • Will you please get the next fucking podcast out? I rely on you for entertainment.

  • Is it just me, or do those Clone Rangers look like something from The Venture Bros.?

  • That they do…