Giving to Toys for Tots 2011!


As you know doubt are already aware, The Robot’s Pajamas are big supporters of Toys for Tots and are constantly trying to get you to donate to the charity that helps kids by creating and promoting the Geeks for Tots contest (where you can win lots of great stuff for just donating to Toys for Tots).

As your favorite blogger on the interwebs, I would be remiss in donating to Toys for Tots myself, even though I can’t enter my own contest. Not only will I show you how I’m a great person, but I will also demonstrate how easy it is to donate and enter. Lead by example, I say.

Step 1: Buy Kick Ass Toys


As you can see here, I got a small, yet rather kick ass selection of toys. The Galactic Heroes AT-AT was a TJ Maxx purchase. For 20 bucks some kid will have his or her mind blown. The vintage style Darth Vader was selected because what kid wouldn’t want one of the most awesome Darth Vaders ever made? The G.I. Joe Viper is an amazing figure and hopefully some tot will fall in love with G.I. Joe because of it. And the Strawberry Shortcake was purchased for the more “girly” type of ladies or perhaps for a pansy. Hey, I want to make everyone happy.

Step 2: Drop The Toys Off At a Toys for Tots Bin and Take a Pic


Here I am dropping the toys off. I went to Toys R Us because every store has bins out for awhile, but don’t wait too long because they collect the toys fairly early. If you don’t know where bins are in your area and don’t have a Toys R Us, give your local Toys for Tots rep a call.

A friend took the picture, but if you don’t have friends you could take a picture of your hand as you’re dropping toys into the bin. Now if I could enter the Geeks for Tots contest I would just mail this picture to myself to enter, but I can’t. That would be cyclical, strange, and wrong. Don’t feel too sorry for me, I’ll be okay. But don’t let that stop you from donating to Toys for Tots and entering the contest!


  • Chad B.

    Any idea on when they start pulling the boxes? I’ve missed out before and had to donate money before because the boxes got pulled out before I donated. Donating money if ok, but it’s a lot more fun to donate toys! And I’m mostly asking this for anyone else who might be wondering, as I plan to make my purchases this week.

  • This week should be fine, but I’ve gone a few weeks before Christmas and they were gone. You can always call your local Toys R Us and check and see.