Girls and Machine Guns are Always Win


I finally got a chance to catch Machine Girl thanks to my brand spanking new Netflix subscription that allows me to watch movies and TV shows via my Xbox 360. I have to report that it’s the most retarded, yet most awesome movie I’ve ever seen. Here’s a couple of reasons why:

1. A woman is stabbed in the back of the head and she pukes up her intestines into a pot containing her son’s severed head.

2. The father of the slain kid (who was a jerk btw) is sitting in a bathtub. He asks his wife (who is really the titular Machine Girl) for some conditioner for his hair. Machine Girl reveals herself and somehow sprays blood out of the neck of the dead kid’s decapitated body onto his dad’s face.

This film has nearly everything including a dangerous arm wrestling sequence that hadn’t been seen on film since Over the Top rocked movie screens. It even features ninjas! The only thing that Machine Girl is lacking is nudity. The filmmakers should have thrown in a few boobs to offset the extreme violence, but other than that it’s a damn fine film. In fact, even though I got a film degree I never really learned to appreciate foreign cinema. After watching Machine Girl, I think I might have to check out more of what the rest of the world has to offer us in the way of the cinematic arts.

I also have to apologize to the d-bag who left a stupid comment on the site the other day regarding the fact that I believed the Japanese had ruined 2009 (link NSFW!). The Japanese have made up for their extreme (and disgusting) sexual perversions on this one, but the guy is still a d-bag.

  • Sounds boring.

    Admin dude, Can I download movies to my 360 using netflix, considering I am in India??

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