G.I. Joe vs. Transformers 2


A long time ago I asked which would be the bigger garbage fest, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen or G.I Joe: Rise of Cobra. Well, after finally seeing G.I. Joe I can confirm that Transformers was a bigger piece of shit. Don’t get me wrong, G.I. Joe has got a lot of problems. And by a lot, I mean almost all character development is an enormous waste of time and brain cells. Still, the good seemed to outweigh the bad more, so the victor in this contest goes to Transformers.

Congrats to Transformers for being the shittiest movie I’ve seen all summer! It really takes a special kind of film to ruin a perfectly good concept such as robots that transform into things and beat the crap out of each other out. I mean, how crappy of a filmmaker do you have to be ruin a premise that brilliant?

  • I agree with you but I don’t know why my friends liked Transformers the most, maybe because of Megan Fox ;D Actually now, we’re having a debate if WoW would win gamers heart or we have wait for NCsoft to create one for Aion online.

  • Transformers 2 wasn’t just the shittiest movie of the summer; it was the shittiest movie I have ever seen.

    It was offensive to human consciousness. An affront to sentience. Pure awful. Ten tonnes of shit packed into a one ton bag. Etc.

  • i avoided both

  • i have not seen either :( I wanted to, but maybe now i will avoid. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… i have been working long shift these days and i work night shifts so makes it very difficult for me to go watch movies.

  • Chad B

    I really liked GI Joe despite the flaws, and definitely think it was better than Transformers.

  • When i was a kid, i watched GI Joe animated version on TV all the time. GI Joe Movie is also a very good rendition of the original GI Joe cartoon series.