Ghostbusters The Video Game aka Ghostbusters 3


Want to see Ghostbusters 3 featuring the original cast of Ghostbusters? Well just watch the below video from Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

In 2009 the unthinkable happened: Ghostbusters: The Video Game was released and it didn’t suck.

But the most amazing thing of all was that it had the entire cast of Ghostbusters returning (sans Louis Tully/Rick Moranis and Dana Barrett/Sigourney Weaver). This was and still is a big deal, especially with Bill Murray on board. Murray has had an off again/on again relationship with Ghostbusters and the fact he was willing to reprise his role and be a voice in a video game was a huge get. (Read here for some more tidbits on Murray from one of the makers of the game). Bonus appearances include Bill Murray’s brother Brian Doyle Murphy as the Mayor of New York and William Atherton returning as Walter Peck.


Another notable aspect of the game is Egon’s role. Now that Harold Ramis has passed away it’s the last time for sure that we’ll get anything Egon related. At least until an inevitable reboot. *Shudder*

The player takes the role of an unnamed rookie that doesn’t get a voice. And there are tons of cut scenes. Normally, I’m not all that hot on cut scenes, but with Ghostbusters The Video Game it’s a whole other story. Since your character doesn’t talk, that means it’s all the other characters talking. And that basically equates to it being the 3rd Ghostbusters film.

The story itself is a lot of retread from the first film, but building upon it in a new way. It really works. I’m not sure if it could have worked as a real “movie”, but for fans of Ghostbusters it’s an incredibly satisfying experience to have a new adventure featuring the original cast in their prime, since the game is set in 1991 it hasn’t been all that long since the first movie took place.


With Egon being gone and Murray being so… Bill Murray, there’s never going to be another team up of the original four Ghostbusters. At least the game isn’t a terrible disappointment or a stain on the franchise.

  • I has been a few years since I played this game (5 to be exact, when it was released) But I have to say it really was quite well done. Even stripped of the Ghostbusters characters and settings, the mechanics were really solid and gameplay was fun. Terminal Reality made a really amazing game with a beloved license, which was really frustrating when their next 2 games (Kinect Star Wars and Walking Dead Survival Instinct) were absolutely awful.

    The disc versions of this game are way out of print with both Terminal Reality gone and Atari as we know it closed up, there is zero chance of ever seeing any more. You can download the PC version for about $10 and Xbox 360 one for $15.

    There was also an Xbox Live Arcade spinoff game Sanctum Of Slime that you can grab for $5 now, but I never got around to playing it. Maybe now is the time…

  • Chris Piers

    Yup. Great gameplay on top of a fun and funny story with the actual cast.

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