Ghostbusters (2016) Trailer Breakdown

Well it’s finally here. For a big budget tentpole film, I’m sort of surprised it took so long for us to see the first real trailer for Ghostbusters. My first take is that it uses some of the iconic visuals from the first movie but does not seem to repeat the same jokes. I have to admit this trailer made me smile but not really laugh too hard. I think they’re just trying to appeal to the mainstream audiences with this one. Hopefully they make another trailer that plays up the humor. I have a lot of faith in not just these actresses but the writer/director Paul Feig. Especially Bridesmaids, Spy and Freaks and Geeks. So I still have high hopes for this movie, even if the trailer didn’t knock my socks right off my feet and up my butt and out my mouth.

original ghostbusters hq

The trailer starts off showing shots of Manhattan at dusk with the words: “30 years ago 4 scientists saved New York. This Summer a new team will answer the call.”

Vincent: It takes super balls to use the original fire station in a reboot.

Chris: I think it may just be for the trailer, to establish the premise and remind the audience of that little seen movie, Ghost Buster.

Vincent: Yeah, but at the same time its a bold statement that its not the originals. I’d have liked it if they had done something different base wise.

anti ghost graffiti

Chris: Graffiti! Hip!

Vincent: Some hoodlum doesn’t like ghosts.

Chris: Do you think the Ghostbusters get their logo idea from street art?

Vincent: It would make sense.

Chris: Seward is a stop in Queens. Maybe this is bigger than just Manhattan. Or maybe it’s Seward Park on the Lower East Side. I guess that’s more likely. Closer to Chinatown which seems to be a major setting.

holtzmann abby and erin encounter a class 4 apparition

Abby Yates: “It’s a class 4 apparition.”

Erin Gilbert: “It’s okay, she seems peaceful. My name is Erin Gilbert, doctor of particle physics at-”

Vincent: A woman scientist, so unrealistic.

Chris: THREE women scientists. This movie might be sci-fi.

library ghost vomits on erin

Chris: Remember the library ghost? She’s back but with more vomit gags.

Vincent: I feared the worst when I saw this moment, but the puking sold it for me. If she had simply looked scary and they ran away, like in the original, I would have been out. Plus, I think this is in a house with a library in it. So she’s probably some regular ghost, but definitely makes you think of the librarian.

Chris: Oh, that would be a bit of a twist. Okay, that’d work. I approve it, tentatively.

abby and holtzmann in the lab

Erin Gilbert talking about the ectoplasm to Abby and Holtzmann: “That’s step one, by the way, everywhere. In every crack. Very hard to wash off.”

Vincent: I have no opinion on that last picture. Except weirdo girl looks like Egon from the cartoon.

Chris: I do think that Kate McKinnon looks like she’s having a lot of fun in this movie

patty discovers ghosts in the subway

Abby Yates: “We’ve dedicated our whole lives to studying the paranormal. Now there’s sightings all over the city.”

Chris: It’s cool that they added another non-scientist to the team but it is a little weird to AGAIN make the working class Ghostbuster black.

Vincent: I don’t see race CHRIS.

group of ghosts in the subway

Vincent: I…. see… dead people! Damn, I couldn’t stop myself.

Chris: I love the visual design of the ghosts in this movie. It’s not too over the top and even a little creepy.

new yorkers run

Chris: I’m fascinated by this shot. New Yorkers running away from something during the day. But all the ghosts we see are at night.

Vincent: The movie takes a weird turn and the end up fighting ISIS during the last half of the movie.

Chris: You can’t fight that with proton packs. Only LOVE.

Vincent: Then have to bust the ghosts of the terrorists.

Chris: Solid business plan.

proton pack lights up

Abby Yates: “There are people out there who need our help.”

Vincent: These things are okay. Weird they make the same or almost the exact same sound of the original. I wish they would have just used the old ones.

Chris: Will you crossplay with one of these on your back at a convention?

Vincent: Nope, I rock the old toy backpack or I’d do the original if I had the money and skill to make one.

Chris: But you do it in blackface.

holtzmann invents a ghost trap

Abby Yates: “Holtzmann, you’re a brilliant engineer.”

Chris: I like the new ghost traps. They’re like bear traps. They should bring back the Saw movies just to put this on someone’s head.

Vincent: Yeah. It’s weird good guys would use a device that makes you think of saw or clamping on an animal’s leg.

ghost trap slams shut

Vincent: Poor ghosts.

Chris: You think Slimer will have to, like, chew his arm off to get out of one? 127 Hours but with ghosts!

Vincent: But then he only gets so far before he painfully “bleeds out” and it takes 30 minutes of screen time slowly suffering. And then a Ghostbuster finds him and cracks a joke.

Chris: “That’s one way to lose weight.”

Vincent: That’s perfect.

erin gilbert knows quantum physics

Abby Yates: Erin. No one’s better at quantum physics than you.”

Chris: When the new Real Ghostbusters cartoon comes out, it’ll use this shot in its opening credits and be like, “Holtzmann does traps and Erin knows physics!”

Vincent: Yeah. She’s smart because white board with stuff on it.

Chris: Harsh! Are you a Men’s Rights Activist or something?

Vincent: I just ordered a trilby hat so… yeah.

abby yates burns herself

Abby Yates: “We can provide a real service. Mm! Hot…”

Vincent: She’s funny ‘cuz she’s wearing a funny thing and making a funny face.

Chris: She also burned her finger. Pain + Melissa McCarthy = laughs. Is she wearing a version of the helmet Egon put on Louis Tully?

patty joins the ghostbusters

Patty Tolan: “I’m joining the club. You guys are really smart about this science stuff but I know New York. AND I can borrow a car from my uncle.”

Chris: Looks like the Ghostbusters in this movie work out of an old Chinese restaurant.

Vincent: I like Chinese food, so they’re winning me over here.

Chris: You… know you can’t eat food out of a movie screen, right?

Vincent: Um, Chris I can. I have a 3D TV.

Chris: I stand corrected.

Vincent: The setting should really hook the audience in China.

patty working at the subway

Vincent: I bet she sasses customers.

Chris: I think Leslie Jones is really, really funny. She exudes confidence. Which maybe shouldn’t be funny, actually. But it works.

patty gets a hearse

Chris: It’s sort of weird how this movie is a reboot but they still have the proton packs and Ecto-1.

Vincent: Hearse. Dead people. Ghosts.

Chris: That’s true. It is thematically relevant.


erin abby holtzmann exit chinese restaurant

Abby Yates: “Uh, you didn’t disclose that the vehicle was gonna be a hearse.”

Patty Tolan: “It’s a Cadillac!”

Vincent: I would have gone 80s minivan.

Chris: A DeLorean.

Vincent: Yes.

ecto 1 emerges from chinese restaurant base

Chris: They sure didn’t put up any advertising for a ghost busting business.

Vincent: Signage is so Gen X. They’re all about online presence.

Chris: #BustinMakesMeFeelGood

Vincent: Their Instagram is on fleek.

Chris: Heart our grams and we’ll bust one free ghost for you.

Vincent: I don’t even know what I just said. You can see their sign if you’re wearing Google Glass.

Chris: Pretty sure that’s already defunct.

ghostbusters gear up for the first time

Erin Gilbert: “Let’s go!”

Abby Yates: “Let’s go!”

Erin: “Oh. I didn’t know you wanted to-”

Abby: “Oh. I’ll let you..”

Erin: “Next time. Next time.”

Vincent: I think they look pretty cool.

Chris: I also appreciated the gag of Abby and Erin each wanting to say the “cool” line at the same time.

ghostbusters find a mandala to the spirit world

Erin Gilbert: “Someone is creating a device that amplifies paranormal activity.”

Chris: This reminds me of the mandalas in Ghostbusters 3 (aka the Ghostbusters video game). Portals to the other side.

Vincent: Yes, if you haven’t played that game go do that now. Also, I like how the packs glow.

patty meets slimer

Vincent: CGI Slimer is weird, but it’s nice to see him.

Chris: I just hope he’s only a cameo.

ghostbusters enter times square full of ghosts

Erin Gilbert: “And we might be the only ones who can stop it.”

Chris: This shot is so badass. Just surrounded by ghosts.

Vincent: When someone thinks if distinctive New York landmarks to include in a movie, Papa John’s ranks right above the Statute of Liberty.

Chris: The Twinkie ad is a cute Easter Egg joke to fans of the original movie (everyone).

holtzmann takes time to put on a wig and hat

Erin Gilbert: “Holtzmann! C’mon!”

Jillian Holtzmann: “The hat is too much, right? Is it the wig or the hat?”

Vincent: I laughed.

Chris: I just think Kate McKinnon seems to be having the most fun in this thing. When she winks and smiles, I have an instant crush that will never be reciprocated.

carnival ghost walks through times square

Chris: This carnival ghost is my favorite in the trailer. How nice that Sony was able to plug Crackle. Every time you’re in Times Square, just Crackle ads everywhere.

Vincent: I love Crackle. It’s the shitty Netflix. And yeah, Carnival Ghost rules.

holtzmann likes mini guns

Vincent: That grosses me out. I only think of the germs that must be on that thing. Or radiation.

Chris: I love that they each have unique weapons, though. They seem to speak to their personality.

erin fires neutron wand

Chris: The blast that comes out of Erin’s neutron wand in this shot seems more like a cannon blast.

Vincent: Like in the game! Different settings maybe?

abby uses proton knuckles on ghost

Vincent: Okay, so this just feeds into my fantasy where I punch a ghost to death.

Chris: Ecto knuckles! My favorite new ghostbusting equipment.

ghostbusters use proton packs

Chris: Which rapper will have a Ghostbusters song in this one?

Vincent: I’d make a joke, but I know so little about rap that I can’t. I’m so unhip. That’s what kids say right? Hip? With it?

kevin the receptionist kicks open a door

Vincent: Finally, a man to show up and save the day!

Chris: I get the sense that Kevin the receptionist wants to be a Ghostbuster and gets shut out of the girl’s club. Just a guess.

Vincent: A male secretary? Pure liberal hog wash.

Chris: You’re really pushing that men’s rights crap today.

Vincent: When you got the hat, you have to commit.

abby yates is possessed

Abby Yates: “Here’s the bigger picture at hand here: these ghosts can possess the human form.”

Chris: In the trailer, Abby’s possession gets more play than when Ray got possessed at the end of Ghostbusters 2.

Vincent: And it is already better than that…

possessed abby throws holtzmann through a window

Vincent: Ahh. This is the part where Kate McKinnon’s character dies. And then they must bust her as they cry.

Chris: I kept thinking: “Hmm. I *think* she’d survive falling from a second story.”

patty catches holtzmann

Chris: I like that Patty rushes in and saves Hotlzmann here. They all seem to be legit friends.

Vincent: Friends with benefits?

abbys head turns 180

Patty Tolan: “Aw hell no. The devil is a liar!”

Vincent: Funny, I suppose but that head spin is so iconic that it seems like a parody of Exorcist. Seems like a Scary Movie type of joke.

Chris: There could be funnier possession gags, for sure.

Vincent: More barfing.

Chris: Make her poop her pants. Or ask out a guy at a bar and fall down some stairs in front of him. Or going for a cup of coffee but putting it in her hands and crossing her eyes to comedically express how hot the coffee is.


possession leaves abby

Patty Tolan: “Get outta my friend, ghost!”

Chris: Ghosts hate slaps. HATE them.

Vincent: Maybe the ghost got tired of their witty back and forth.

patty slap

Abby Yates: “Owww, that’s gonna leave a mark.”

Patty Tolan: “The power of Patty compels you!”

Vincent: I laughed and cringed at the exact same time.

Chris: Rocking that Patty necklace. That’s a baller move.

ghostbusters logo summer 2016

Chris: “Summer”. Will you see it?

Vincent: Yeah, the trailer was good enough to get me off the fence.

Chris: I was never on the fence. I’m very interested. I hope it’s as funny as the last few movies Feig has made. That said? Not the funniest trailer ever. Do you hope for a Ninja Turtles crossover?

ghostbusters ninja turtles

Vincent: No.