George Takei + Star Wars = Nerdgasm


A man named Zach Oat has blown my mind. Zach works with the “Without Pity” empire of sites and he recently talked to George Takei (AKA Sulu, AKA one of the coolest gays ever) who talked about his playing a role on the Clone Wars cartoon series.

Let me say that again if you missed it: Sulu from Star Trek is going to voice a Star Wars character. I’m having trouble breathing here and I may have just pooped.

You might be wondering if a Takei is going to be a cool Jedi or something, forget it. He’s apparently playing a really fat Neimoidian named Lok Durd, which sounds like Turd. Knowing George Lucas, that was entirely intentional. And yes, the Neimodians are the booger aliens that speak in horrendously embarrassing, stereotypical Asian accents. Man, talk about a wasted opportunity.

  • Zach

    but does he freeze any one in carbonite?