Geeks for Tots Sponsorship Spotlight: Luke’s Toy Store

Luke’s Toy Store has generously agreed to be a sponsor of this year’s Geeks For Tots contest and you should definitely check them out. They have holiday sale going on and you can get some great deals. Although they sell all kinds of different figures now, Luke’s specialty is Minimates!


Look at that Slimer!!

Walking Dead

My favorite of the Walking Dead series is this disgusting zombie with his guts hanging out. It really captures the essence of the show, don’t you think?

Minimate Parts

Luke’s Toy Store even has a “Minimate Parts” page, where you can buy extra pieces to create or your own Minimate.


Check out this SDCC 2012Thundercats Classic Thundertank for Minimates. What Thundercats fan wouldn’t want to find that under their Christmas Tree?

Be sure to check out Luke’s Toy Store to thank them for their support of this year’s Geeks for Tots contest!

  • Corey Feldman

    I love Minimates and the Walking Dead. I bet I’d make a great character on that show.