Geeks for Tots Sponsorship Spotlight: Brian’s Toys

Vincent   December 16, 2012   Comments Off on Geeks for Tots Sponsorship Spotlight: Brian’s Toys


Brian’s Toys has been a Geeks for Tots sponsor since the beginning. Let’s take a look at some of the cool stuff that they have!

Pro Tip: Orders over 75$ will ship free with the code “SHIPFREE”

Exclusive Star Wars Jocasta Nu Figure


Remember that Jedi Librarian that was a total jerk to Obi-Wan? Well, here she is for the first time in action figure form! She’s an exclusive, so you better grab her while you can!

Ghost Busters Dana


There is no Dana, only Zuul! And this SDCC exclusive figure!

Life Size R2-D2


Who doesn’t want a life-size R2-D2? This one comes from the Clone Wars cartoon.

Thanks to Brian’s Toys for supporting Geeks for Tots this year! Buy their stuff, and enter the contest!