Geeks For Tots Sponsorship Spotlight: 80s Tees

geeks4tots_banners_500w80s Tees is one of the coolest t-shirt shops on the internet. That’s why we were super pleased that they came back to sponsor Geeks for Tots. They’ve got a ton of great products and it was hard to narrow it down to just a few to check out!

Free Sesame Street Christmas Shirt


Currently they’re running a special promo where you can get this Sesame Street T-shirt for free with a purchase of 50 bucks or more.

Photo Real Cookie Monster


Speaking of Sesame Street, 80s Tees has a few photo shirts that are really rad like this Cookie Monster shirt.



Dinobots are the best, especially the cartoon Dinobots. Why weren’t the Dinobots in the Bay films? Because everyone that made those movies is dumb.

Storm Shadow


I love old school toy art. This shirt showcases the 80s card art for one of the most bad ass ninjas in the history of bad ass ninjas, Storm Shadow.

Get to da Choppa


Get to da Choppas isn’t just some throwaway line from an 80s sci-fi action film. It’s a way of life!

Thanks to for being a sponsor! Be sure to enter Geeks for Tots!


  • Chad B.

    I’ve always liked what 80’s tees did, I just haven’t gotten around to ordering from them yet. Maybe I will soon, I’m a sucker for logo shirts.

  • If you do, PLEASE note to them that you ordered because of Robot’s Thanks brotha.