Geeks For Tots Sponsorship Spotlight: 80s Tees

Vincent   December 20, 2012   Comments Off on Geeks For Tots Sponsorship Spotlight: 80s Tees


80s Tees is one of the coolest t-shirt shops on the internet. That’s why we were super pleased that they came back to sponsor Geeks for Tots. They’ve got a ton of great products and it was hard to narrow it down to just a few to check out!

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He-Man and She-Ra Sweater


Nothing says festive winter wear like He-Man and She-Ra! And they’re on a faux terrible sweater making it even more festive!

R2-D2 Hoodie


I’m not a huge fan of costume hoodies, but this R2-D2 one is pretty rad… well at least with the hoodie part down.

1 Up Socks


Man, talk about super cute socks for a lady… or a man I suppose…

Thanks to for being a sponsor! Be sure to enter Geeks for Tots!