Geeks For Tots Sponsor Spotlight: Yeung Moxey

Vincent   November 15, 2011   Comments Off on Geeks For Tots Sponsor Spotlight: Yeung Moxey


Sometimes a geek’s gotta get cleaned up. Fortunately with artisan soap maker Yeung Moxey on the scene; your self-cleaning rituals can take a geeky turn. Yueng Moxey is featured in the Geeks For Tots prize packs with each prize including a 50’s Robot (Ed. Note: Think Herman -Vincent) and an R2-D2 soap. Let’s take a look around their etsy shop and see what catches our eye, shall we?


Almost immediately after click on the ‘Yeung Geek’ section of the store I was immediately drawn to the Han in carbonite soap. But with a scent that’s a blend of myrrh, orange, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, caraway seed and vanilla – I can guarantee this soap smells better than any nerf herder!


The next thing that garnered my attention were these Yueng Moxey soap minifigures. Not only are they awesome, they’re fully customizable! Each order has about 8 minifigs and you can choose your scent and up to 2 colors. Tons of options too – black, copper brown, gunmetal grey, orange, transparent blue, baby blue, transparent red, transparent hot pink, baby pink, transparent purple, lavender, transparent green, pale mint green or white. Whew…I won’t even get into the scents you can choose from.


This last soap would be perfect for your favorite zombie lover, neurosurgeon or someone else, really, really smart. This shea butter brain soap features an after dinner mint scent and lathers into a moisturizing foam. Even the undead would love to wash up with this!


-By: Matt Guzy – Post originally appeared on Geeks for