Geeks For Tots Sponsor Spotlight: Brian’s Toys

Vincent   November 25, 2011   Comments Off on Geeks For Tots Sponsor Spotlight: Brian’s Toys


Brian’s Toys is one of our fine Geeks for Tots sponsors and we’re super glad to have them back! This year Brian’s Toys assaulted us with a whole mess of figures to give away to the lucky contest winners!

Brian’s Toys is mostly known for their hugee selection of Star Wars toys, but they’ve got tons of stuff on the site as well. Let’s check out a few of their offerings!

Star Wars One of Each Club


Do you really like Star Wars? Do you not like leaving the house and spending hours looking for figures? Brian’s Toys One of Each club is just right for those who really like Star Wars figures, but don’t enjoy the hours of fruitless hunting for them.

Giant Han Solo


Need a giant Han Solo? Who doesn’t!? This Han Solo is 19 inches tall! And he’s on sale, a whopping 30 bucks off!

Secret Wars Tower of Doom


Secret Wars the toy line doesn’t get as much love as it deserves. This is one awesome playset. If you buy this for me, I’ll marry you. Even if you’re a dude.

Dreadnoks and Marauders 7 Packs


The 2011 Exclusive G.I. Joe seven packs this year are incredibly boss.

Action figure Cases


If you collect action figures, there’s a good chance you’ll need some supplies like cases and stands to help you display your collection. Brian’s Toys has got you covered on this front!

Again, thanks to Brian’s Toys for helping the Geeks for Tots cause!