Geeks for Tots Sponsor Spotlight: Big Bad Toy Store

Vincent   November 21, 2011   Comments Off on Geeks for Tots Sponsor Spotlight: Big Bad Toy Store


Big Bad Toy Store is a return Sponsor to Geeks for Tots and we’re really happy to have them back. Why don’t we check out some of the crazy cool stuff you can find over at their site?

Pile of Loot


The Pile of Loot is one of the most unique features of any store on the internet. You get to pick a bunch of stuff that you want to buy and they’re only ship it when you are ready. It’s an apt name for the feature, once you get your pile of loot you can send it all to you while saving on shipping. Nifty!

Robocop Figma Figure


Boy oh boy, the Japanese sure know how to make a toy. This Robocop can do all kinds of classic Robocop poses.

Alien Ice Trays


With Alien egg shaped ice you’ll be the life of the party! Well, except if you invite Ripley.

Hot Toys Batman and Joker


I’ve already gone on and on about my the 1989 Batman and for good reason! The Jack Nicholson Joker is one super awesome figure.

Quintesson Judge


One Transformers figure that I always wanted as a kid, but they never made was a Quintesson Judge. Well one of the knock off companies made one and he looks great.

A big thanks to Big Bad Toy Store for helping the Geeks for Tots cause!