Geeks for Tots Sponsor Spotlight: Backstage Toys

Vincent   December 12, 2011   Comments Off on Geeks for Tots Sponsor Spotlight: Backstage Toys


Backstage Toys is one of the generous sponsors of this years’ Geeks for Tots contest. You know how we gave away that Lego Advent calendar at the end of Novemeber? Backstage Toys made that possible.


Backstage Toys has a wide selection of toys available on their site, ranging from Star Wars to Phineas and Ferb. They also offer Amazon Prime shipping on some of their items, meaning if you’re an Amazon Prime member – you get the same super quick (and free) shipping that you’ve become spoiled with.


Poking around their site, I’ve found a few things I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on. They carry many Marvel Select figures, and one of my favorite releases of the past year was the original costume Cyclops figure. This 7-inch tall figure is super-detailed and well articulated and just $19.18.


As I clicked around, my eyes are drawn to one of the selections in the video games section – Angry Birds. That’s right, even double-duty bloggers are prone to the irresistible time sink known as Angry Birds. With these plush birds you can take your frustration out on real life pigs and through this Yellow Bird at them. Priced just shy of $13, this is a steal compared to some of the prices in your local stores!


While browsing the GI Joe section, ?I saw that Backstage Toys has one of my favorite figures of 2011 in-stock and ready for shipping – Croc-Master. For real! Loaded with accessories, and his own crocodile – this figure is simply awesome and exemplifies the awesome breadth of G.I. Joe. If you’ve missed out on any of the 25th anniversary collection, or Pursuit of Cobra figures – you should check out what Backstage Toys has in stock.

I could just sit here at my desk and list out awesome item after awesome item, but this post would be huge and no one would read it. Thanks to for being a sponsor! Be sure to enter Geeks for Tots!

This post was written by Matt Guzy from Awesome Toy Blog.