Geeks for Tots is Coming Back!


The contest formerly known as “Joes for Tots” that I ran for two years is back after a one year hiatus. It’s been renamed “Geeks for Tots” and I welcome you to check out the official blog and home of the contest at it’s very own website.

For those of you not in “the know” Geeks for Tots is a contest that encourages giving. Namely, if you donate to Toys for Tots you could win some fantastic… and I’m not kidding around… fantastic prizes.

While the official announcement isn’t up yet with details on what you can win, please keep an eye on the blog and perhaps follow the Geeks for Tots twitter account. I’ll also be mirroring some of the posts here for your amusement and to beg you to give to Toys for Tots this year.

  • presidentjuggernaut

    Awesome, glad you were able to bring it back. I’ll definitely be participating again.